What We Know About Days Of Lives Actor James Lastovic's Scary Incident In Hawaii

Long-running daytime soap opera "Days of Our Lives," known lovingly by fans as simply "Days," has been host to a whole Greek tragedy of drama over the decades. The fictional town Salem has seen scores of murders, serial killers, a few demonic possessions, and lots (and we means lots) of knocking boots. However, as often is the case for shows that have been around since the 1960s, as "Days" has, the drama and tragedy have spilled over into real life for many of its beloved actors.

"Days" icon John Aniston, father to the one and only Jennifer Aniston, was estranged from his famous "Friends" daughter for years after he walked out on their family, with the COVID-19 pandemic being the main reason they reconnected, per the Daily Mail. '70s and '80s star of the soap Brenda Bennet died by suicide a year after the tragic passing of her son, per The New York Times. Many stars of all kinds of soaps have in fact suffered tragedy in their lives, and the soap opera community is currently reeling with the news that one of their own might be in the midst of serious trouble. "Days" star James Lastovic, who played Joey Johnson from 2015 to 2017 and again in 2020, had a scary incident while on vacation in Hawaii and was even reported missing.

James Lastovic and his roommate got lost hiking

"Days of Our Lives" alum James Lastovic and his roommate Nevin Dizdari were reported missing while off hiking on the island of Kaua'i, per KUSI News. His mother, Lucienne, posted a heartbreaking plea for any information on her social media. Writing that Lastovic and Dizdari were last seen at the Hanalei Bay Resort from October 7 through October 9, she claimed that they were due to fly back on October 10 but failed to make the flight or return their rental car. "This is NOT LIKE THEM!" she wrote. "They are both conscientious kids." 

She then included the crucial info that they had asked about hiking the long trail at Kokee State Park, and about visiting Shipwreck's Beach so they could cliff dive. "They never returned back to the resort last night. They left all their belongings at the resort which are now in the police's possession," she explained. TMZ spoke to Lucienne, who flew from San Diego to Hawaii to aid in the search. The news sent shockwaves through the "Days" community, and fans took to social media to express their concern. "PLEASE SEND PRAYERS TO THE LASTOVIC AND DIZDARI FAMILIES," one fan wrote. 

Luckily, unlike most soap operas, this story had a happy ending. Per TMZ, Dizdari's sister confirmed that the two missing hikers have returned to safety. "My sister and James are okay," she wrote on social media, "they got lost on their hike but made it back to their car and are on their way back to the resort now."