Chris Colfer Doesn't Hold Back His Feelings About Glee Co-Star Lea Michele

Lea Michele has what it takes to land the best roles and score the best brand deals, and she doesn't care whom she steps on along the way — or so her critics say. Fairly or unfairly, the former "Glee" star's reputation as a snobbish diva who is extremely difficult to work with follows her everywhere she goes. Rumors of Michele's unpleasantness on set have swirled for years but came to a head in 2020 when former co-stars came out of the woodwork to accuse Michele of racially motivated bullying and creating a toxic work environment on the set of "Glee."

The scandal couldn't have come at a worse time for Michele. For years, the "Scream Queens" star angled to land the dream role of Fanny Brice in the Broadway revival of "Funny Girl." With her reputation in tatters, the gig went to Beanie Feldstein – whose performance was widely panned.

In a twist that no one saw coming, Feldstein was ousted from the show after just a few months and immediately replaced with Michele, who has received rave critical reviews. That's just the critics, though. When it comes to her former co-stars, there isn't a lot of support — especially from former "Glee" star Chris Colfer.

Chris Colfer won't be seeing Funny Girl

Lea Michele may have dazzled the critics in "Funny Girl," but her former "Glee" co-star, Chirs Colfer, isn't impressed. During a conversation with Michelle Collins on SiriusXM, Colfer let it slip that he'd rather be literally anywhere else in the world than in the audience at Michele's show.

Collins jokingly invited Colfer to join her at an upcoming performance, and the actor couldn't turn her down fast enough. "My day suddenly just got so full," he joked. "No, I can be triggered at home." It's unclear what happened between Colfer and Michele, as this is the first time either has hinted at any kind of feud. We can infer, though, from what their other co-stars have said, that Colfer may have found Michele to be a little difficult on set. Naya Rivera claimed that Michele refused to speak to her for an entire season, per Us Weekly. Far more disturbing are Dabier Snell's claims to Page Six that Michele wouldn't let him sit with the rest of the actors during lunch.

In 2020, after Michele's reputation took a huge hit, she publicly apologized for her past actions and reportedly apologized privately to some former co-stars. As for Colfer, Michele has not responded to his snarky comments about her turn in "Funny Girl." We imagine if she did, she would ask him to please not rain on her parade.