Heather McDonald Holds Nothing Back In Reaction To Bethenny Frankel's TikTok Drama

Former star of "The Real Housewives of New York City" Bethenny Frankel has allegedly sent a cease and desist letter to a TikTok user, and Heather McDonald is not happy about it. 

As reported by Daily Mail, Frankel's latest project has been reviewing beauty products on her TikTok account and the outspoken businesswoman is not afraid to "mention it all." Frankel explained that the reason for her new side project is that she didn't know how to apply her own makeup and wanted to do a deep dive into beauty. "I am an equal opportunity criticizer and praiser," she told her TikTok fans. "Some celebrities have magnificent brands. Others are there for the cash."

Frankel has given her opinions on everything from drugstore brands to high-end luxury lines. Even Kim Kardashian's skincare line, SKNN by Kim, was not left unscathed. Frankel took to TikTok and criticized the packaging as being "impractical at best" and said the line was "overpriced." Despite her very frank reviews on many different products, Frankel was apparently not too pleased when her own brand was criticized — and McDonald is blasting Frankel's TikTok drama.

Heather McDonald calls Bethenny Frankel a 'hypocrite'

Heather McDonald slammed Bethenny Frankel as "the biggest hypocrite in Hollywood" after speaking with a TikTok user named Meredith Lynch. In a scathing TikTok video, McDonald revealed that Lynch had allegedly been sent a cease and desist letter from Frankel that stated, "If you speak of this again, you're breaking confidentiality and you can't speak about this at all," seemingly referring to Frankel's Skinnygirl brand.

"This is the most hypocritical thing that someone in her position has done. Someone who's become famous for speaking her mind and giving her opinion is now shutting down influencers," McDonald vented. "She's s***ing on a lot of smaller female-owned businesses as well, and she's critiquing them yet no one can critique her. Wow, wow, hypocrite. You've won the prize."

While Lynch had taken down her previous TikTok videos mentioning Frankel, the influencer is hitting back by shading the former Real Housewife with a TikTok video captioned, "Excited to go to sleep so when I wake up I can have 10 seconds of happiness before I remember a celebrity is threatening to ruin my little life that I have worked so hard to build." In another video, Lynch wrote, "I'm praying a lot to my mom rn who taught me to stand up for what I believe in." Many of Lynch's followers are urging her not to give up, and it looks as if McDonald is one of the creators' supporters.