Who Are Henry Cavill's Four Brothers?

Henry Cavill might not have been Superman to his brothers and instead may have been the younger annoying sibling. Henry, being one of five boys, was in a household bound to have a lot of fighting and chaos. The "Man of Steel" actor does credit his siblings for toughening him up for one of the most coveted action roles in film.

In December 2021, Henry went on "The Graham Norton Show" (via The Daily Mail) and described an incident between his brothers that perfectly summed up what it was like growing up in their household. Henry shared that his dad had once come home from work and noticed a change in the home's wallpaper. Henry's father then asked his mother the reason behind the change in wallpaper. Henry's mom replied, "It is easier to clean the blood off this one!" Henry described his time with his brothers as "a lot of rough and tumble."

Besides interview moments, not much is known about Cavill's personal life or brothers as they continue to live a quiet and behind-the-scenes life. Some of his brothers are so private that their birth dates are unknown to the public. So, who are Henry Cavill's four brothers?

The extremely private Piers Cavill

Piers Cavill is one of Henry Cavill's older siblings. Little is known about Piers Cavill because he has kept his private life out of the spotlight. The Famous People noted that Piers is the oldest of the five boys and formerly served in the military as an army officer.

Still, as any other little brother, Henry knew not to mess with his older siblings. Henry briefly spoke about his eldest siblings in an interview on "Jimmy Kimmel Live." Henry shared, "The eldest gets the toughest game. They get all the discipline. By the time it gets to us, it's all just a free for all." When Kimmel insinuated that being the fourth out of his siblings he must have been super tough, Henry assured that, although he was about the same size as his brothers, he knew never to mess with his tougher elders. Kimmel joked to Henry, "Even Superman is scared of somebody." This was true, as "The Witcher" star as he nodded in agreement.

Henry's Royal Marine brother

It looks like the toughness that started from a young age shaped the careers Henry Cavill's brothers took on. Lieutenant Colonel Niki Cavill is another one of Henry's oldest brothers. Military life has been a part of the Cavill household for quite some time. Henry's father was reported to have been in the Navy, and both Piers and Niki had taken part in the military as well, according to The Famous People.

Niki served in Afghanistan and, in 2012, received his MBE. In a statement given to BBC, Niki was called "a courageous field soldier." After running a counter-insurgency program, the statement further added that Niki's "judgment was unerring as he detained some perpetrators of the violence and decisively engaged others with force calibrated with extraordinary care."

Fans got a glimpse of Niki when Henry posted a dedication photo of his brother on his Instagram, both sporting workout gear. Henry captioned the post, "Happy Armed Forces Day!! Chose to celebrate today by going for a quick run with my Royal Marine brother ... total legend that he is!" He continued to thank those serving in the Armed Forces in the remainder of the caption of his post. Every now and then "The Witcher" actor will post a photo of Niki on his Instagram, but it is a rarity.

Henry likens brother Simon to the Hulk

Henry Cavill proved to be like any other sibling by making fun of his brother while he was interviewed on "Jimmy Kimmel Live". The actor poked fun at one of his older brothers, Simon Cavill, on the late-night show. Cavill shared, "My eldest brother, one up, was four years older than me. He was considerably larger and incredibly strong," he continued, "He was so strong that we would make fun of him and say 'Hulk smash.'"

Simon has grown out of that rambunctious childhood phase and has gone on to be a part of the world of business. DicyTrends reports that Simon went on to take a job in finance and settle with his now wife, Victoria Cavill. The couple tied the knot back in 2014 at the height of Henry's career due to the release of "Man of Steel" in theaters. Pictures circulate on the internet of Henry at his brother's wedding. Still, fans know little information about Henry's older brothers.

Charlie followed Henry's footsteps in the entertainment industry

The most well-known of Henry Cavill's brothers would hands down his youngest sibling Charlie Cavill. A lot of the information the public knows about Charlie is thanks to the fact that he followed in his brother's footsteps and joined the world of acting. Charlie's IMDb page lists him as two years younger than his "Man of Steel" brother. Charlie initially got into the world of acting before deciding to establish his own candle company.

Charlie's website, Cavill and Wicks, gives more insight into the luxury candle company that he and his wife, Heather, created. The website also gives fun little details about himself such as the fact that he worked in the entertainment industry for 11 years, he is a big fan of Halloween, and enjoys cocktails. Much of what fans know about Henry's brothers is from the internet and the little tidbits they get during interviews. Unlike many celebrity siblings who feud or grasp at the spotlight, Henry's brothers are different and remain a private and quiet life.