Cara Delevingne Stuns On The Red Carpet After Worrying Fans

When Cara Delevingne kept flitting around rapper Meghan Thee Stallion at the Billboard Music Awards in May, her bizarre behavior was met with mockery on social media — Bossip titled its piece about her antics: "Horny Hollyweirdo Cara Delevingne Stalks Megan Thee Stallion At Billboard Music Awards, Makes The Entire Internet Uncomfortable." On "The Tonight Show," Delevingne revealed that she had actually attended the BBMAs as Meghan Thee Stallion's guest. She explained that she didn't really feel like she belonged at the event but decided to act as her friend's "hype woman." The model said, "People find me odd, but that's me."

Months later, the online ridicule was replaced with worry when a shoeless Delevingne was photographed looking unkempt and keyed up at Van Nuys Airport, per the Daily Mail. She had previously been photographed smoking an unknown substance inside a vehicle. Days later, WWD reported that she didn't attend her own Cara Loves Karl launch party during New York Fashion Week, and the Daily Mail published photos of her friend, actor Margot Robbie, looking visibly upset after leaving Delevingne's home.

The troubling images spread on social media as TMZ reported that the models' friends were urging her to check herself into rehab for mental health and substance use issues. "She keeps telling them, 'I don't know what you're talking about. I'm doing great,'" one source told Radar. And Delevingne did at least appear untroubled when she put in a stylish appearance at an event in Cannes.

Cara Delevingne promoted her docuseries about sex

On October 17, Cara Delevingne was in Cannes to promote her docuseries for BBC Three and Hulu, "Planet Sex with Cara Delevingne." Per Variety, the show sees Delevingne traveling the world to educate herself about human sexuality, and she's even an active participant in some learning experiences. "I didn't realize I was a prude," the model said during a Mipcom panel. "I think I'm a pretty hip, young, cool, down-with-anything kind of girl but I was like, 'Sorry what? Sorry, no, absolutely not, I will not do that.' But I kind of did everything I felt comfortable doing."

Delevingne also posed for pictures at the Fremantle Photocall,  the Daily Mail reported. She rocked a strapless little black dress with a sweetheart neckline and front cutouts, completing her chic ensemble with a pair of coordinating patent leather heels with pointy toes and cuffed ankles. The only accessory she wore was a gold lariat necklace, and her hair was styled in soft waves.

This was Delevingne's second public event since her behavior began causing concern, with the first being the Cara Loves Karl party in Paris on September 27, per People. She hasn't addressed the recent reports about her health, but earlier this year, she opened up to Harper's Bazaar about her struggles with anxiety and depression. She also revealed a potential explanation for some of her erratic movements: the neurological disorder dyspraxia, which can cause coordination problems, per the NHS website.