Fun Facts About Hallmark Star Autumn Reeser

The beautiful Autumn Reeser is best known for her sweet, fun-loving characters on the Hallmark Channel. We were first introduced to Reeser when she earned her breakout role on the hit teen drama, "The O.C.," in the early 2000s. From there, we totally fell in love with her girl next door vibes! As of 2021, Autumn had over 70 acting credits to her name, 16 of them Hallmark films.  A La Jolla, California, native, Autumn saw her first play at six years old; she attributes this to her pursuing a career in Hollywood.

"I started in theater when I was six, after I saw my first play. I performed in dozens of local stage productions and moved to LA when I was 17," Reeser told Career Contessa. The universe is certainly happy she did, as Autumn simply beams on both the big and small screen! From "The O.C." to Hallmark, Autumn's career is making its way on up. Check out some fun facts about Autumn Reeser!

Her breakout role was on The O.C.

Autumn Reeser starred in the third and fourth seasons of the FOX 'teen' drama "The OC" as antagonist Taylor Townsend. Many refer to this as her breakout role, but before then, she also briefly appeared in "Star Trek: Voyager," "CSI: Crime Investigation," and "It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia."  Her character, Taylor, was meant to appear in four episodes only, but her role was revised and expanded after execs were impressed by her performance and on-screen presence. Taylor would later replace Mischa Barton's character as Ryan Atwood's (Ben McKenzie) love interest in the show's fourth (and last!) season.

Reeser still keeps in touch with some of her castmates from the hit series. "I see people every now and then at different things," Reeser shared with Us Weekly.  "Ben McKenzie and Rachel Bilson and a bunch of us met up at the 'OC Musical' at the Montalban. But you know, what's nice about Hallmark is I get to see so many people I work with regularly twice a year. It's very much a family. Very warm."

She was on the Maxim Magazine Hot 100 list multiple times

It's no secret that Autumn Reeser is a timeless beauty — Maxim magazine made it official three times! In 2006, she was ranked #57, sandwiched between Jessica Biel and Joss Stone — the year after she joined the cast of "The OC." The following year in 2007, Autumn ranked #65 on Maxim magazine's top 100 list of beautiful women. She beat out Mena Suvari, Evangeline Lily & Gabrielle Union — some very fabulous females! 

Fast forward to 2011 –  she skipped a few years but circled back to the exclusive top 100 list, coming in at #85. This time, she topped beauties like Erin Andrews and Camilla Belle. Autumn also had a featured spread in Maxim in 2010, when she was starring on the show, "No Ordinary Family" with Julie Benz, where she was interviewed about playing "sexy scientist" Katie Andrews (via While many may not remember this short-lived show, they definitely remember Autumn Reeser sporting a bikini in Maxim Magazine! 

She loved playing Lizzie Grant on Entourage

Autumn was cast in season six of the HBO hit show, "Entourage," bringing new energy and life to the dramedy. Turtle, Vince, Ari and the gang needed a bit of new blood; Autumn was the perfect girl for the job! Her character, Lizzie Grant, was part of the Miller Gold TV department, working with neurotic agent Ari Gold. Lizzie's main plot-line? Once her relationship with a co-worker is exposed, Lizzie leaves Ari's agency and they become enemies. Yes girl, Ari is a bully!

Autumn spoke with Page Six in 2010 about the show, and how much she enjoys her character. "I got very little info before the season started," she explained. "A lot of it I discovered when I read each week's script. I got hints here and there, but it's so much better than I expected it to be." When Page Six asked if her character on "The O.C.," Taylor Townsend, would be friends with Lizzie Grant, Autumn explained, "No! Not at all – I think Lizzie would eat her alive. I don't think Lizzie has many girlfriends. She doesn't need them. I think she likes women, but she's independent, her own person and feels that she doesn't need anyone else. But I have my theories about what Taylor is doing right now."

Autumn Reeser is a mom of two boys

Autumn Reeser is a loving and attentive mom to two boys (with ex-husband Jesse Warren), Finneus James and Dashiell Ford. When Dashiell was born in 2013, Reeser opted for an at-home birth, over a hospital (via E! News). "Pregnancy is such an incredible time and I feel so lucky to have experienced it not just once, but now twice," she told People.

After her youngest son Dashiell was born, Reeser told E! News, that she's eased off working for a while. "I was ready to take a breather and step back to reassess my life and really spend quality time focusing on my family. It has been one of the best decisions of my life, because the rewards in ... my family relationships have been huge."

Wide Open Country Magazine once referred to Reeser as, "the ultimate working mom," even noting that because Hallmark is so family-friendly, she's able to bring her children to set with her on occasion. Reeser is always taking her boys on fun excursions and activities, as detailed on her Instagram account, and we are here for it!

She called it quits with her beau after five years

Autumn Reeser was once married to Jesse Warren, best known for writing and directing his action-packed 2010 film, "The Bannen Way." After five years of marriage to Warren, the couple called it quits in 2015, citing irreconcilable differences, per People. At the time, Reeser's rep told E! News that the couple's split "is completely amicable and they remain committed to raising their two sons together." 

The two were first introduced in 2000 by a mutual friend when they were attending UCLA; two years later, Warren finally took the plunge and asked Reeser for her number! At the time of their split, their sons were only one and three years old. The year prior Reeser referred to her then-husband Warren as a very "hands on dad" in an interview with People. As their divorce went underway, court documents were filed in Los Angeles, and the pair requested joint physical and legal custody of their boys.

As of 2022, Reeser is rumored to be single –  she once told Style Girlfriend she loves a guy with a beard, so, guys, start growing that facial hair!

She loves the outdoors and mother nature

Autumn Reeser isn't your typical Hollywood high maintenance celebrity! She once told Green Child Magazine that her favorite vacation or destination spot would be a "campground in the woods, near a lake." Talk about down-to-earth — literally!

In the summer of 2022, Reeser took to her Instagram to share her 38-mile (wow!) backpacking trip across Catalina Island with her followers! She wrote, "The energy of Mother Earth is deeply healing when we allow ourselves permission to connect with her. The most deeply spacious time I had this summer was backpacking 38 miles across Catalina Island, the ancestral homeland of the Pimu Tongva people. When I started backpacking 5 years ago, I prayed for like-minded souls to join me on this path... what a joyful surprise that two of my longtime friends decided to join me on this adventure!!' You go, girl — that distance is no joke!

Reeser also shared with Green Child Magazine that making some changes to her life in her 30s "allowed [her] to rediscover the deep love for nature [she] had as a child." The rest is history!

Autumn Reeser has starred in an impressive amount of Hallmark films

Since 2012, Autumn Reeser has starred in 16 Hallmark films – a seriously impressive feat! When does she sleep?! Her Hallmark career kicked off with "Love at the Thanksgiving Day Parade," where she starred opposite the strapping Antonio Cupo. The holiday film proved to be a hit, and more importantly, so was its leading star! 

In the star's 2022 Hallmark film, "Always Amore," she starred opposite the handsome Tyler Hynes. Reeser has been very lucky in the leading men department; another fan-favorite was co-star Jesse Metcalfe (of "Desperate Housewives" fame), and the two starred together in "A Country Wedding," where Reeser's character wins the heart of a country music superstar.

Additional Reeser Hallmark-favorite films include, "Midnight Masquerade," "A Bramble House Christmas," "Valentine Ever After," "All Summer Long," "Christmas Under the Stars," "Love on the Menu," and "A Glenbrooke Christmas." What's your favorite Autumn Reeser Hallmark film?

She was only 17 when she attended UCLA

Autumn Reeser began the prestigious musical theater program at UCLA when she was only 17 years old (via Green Child Magazine). According to her website, Reeser studied theater history, acting technique, dance, voice, and movement, before she went on to be cast in numerous television shows and films. 

She explained in an interview with Career Contessa, "I have NO idea how I got into theater school — I think it was on sheer hope and desire. I grew up doing theater, but I had never performed a monologue in my life and needed two (dramatic and comedic) to audition for UCLA. I rehearsed in my bedroom and didn't perform in front of someone until the actual audition." Reeser added that she acted out a scene from "Romeo & Juliet," specifically, Juliet's "Spread thy close curtain" monologue. She further explained, "the other was an obscure piece from a weird play called 'Coyote Ugly' set in Texas. I'm pretty sure I found both monologues in old books at my local library."

Reeser only has positive feedback about her time at UCLA, where she thrived amongst her creative peers. "Being surrounded by vocal creatives was so different from my upbringing. I was almost silent my first two years there, but once I found my footing I truly made it my home," she gushed to Career Contessa.

Autumn Reeser is a business woman

Autumn Reeser is the founder of  'Move LifeStyle,' an online magazine (albeit no longer active) for "women navigating how to live life in style at work and at home" (via Style Girlfriend). When Move LifeStyle first launched in 2012, Autumn took to her website to say, "A year in the making, Move is my new online magazine delivering daily content for girls-on-the-go." She went on to note her mission statement: to help women find a balance between their professional careers and time at home. In terms of what her content consisted of, Reeser used her publication to cover a variety of different topics, such as travel, fashion, tech, and recipes for some boozy drinks and coffee. "I'm incredibly proud of all the behind-the-scenes work that went into this project, and equally proud of the beautiful site that is constantly evolving... I hope you'll come visit often," she concluded.

Although it's unclear as to why the e-zine is now inoperative, Reeser was extremely passionate about this endeavor and had almost 6k followers on the Move Lifestyle Pinterest, which is now also inactive. We still love the hustle, Autumn!