Midnights: The Song That Has Fans Convinced Taylor Swift Wants To Make Up With Kim Kardashian

Taylor Swift is always full of surprises ... but getting revenge on Kanye "Ye" West with Kim Kardashian on her side was not on our 2022 bingo card. 

When the scheming singer took to her TikTok for a second episode of "Midnights Mayhem," we couldn't decide what was crazier — the fact that this announcement video featured her cat, or that the track title had a swear word in it. "Vigilante Sh*t" immediately sent fans running to Twitter with elaborate theories. "'Vigilante Sh*t' could be about becoming more confident and advocating for yourself," one wrote. Another fan chimed in, "A pop bop for sure!! Girls just wanna have fun vibes?!?"

The song is undoubtedly a bop, but who the "girls" are could never have been predicted. Post-release, fans are shocked: "Okay so Vigilante sh*t is about Taylor swift becoming besties with Kim K I guess." How did we get here? And is it any coincidence the album dropped on Kardashian's birthday? Just kidding — we know there are no coincidences when Ms. Swift is involved!

Taylor Swift may be calling out Kanye once again

Kim Kardashian and Kanye "Ye" West are among the few names that claim headlines as much as Taylor Swift. Their tumultuous split and custody battle has had the whole internet picking sides ... and Swift may have made her stance perfectly clear.

The singer's previous feud with the famous couple served as the basis for an entire revenge-filled "Reputation" album. As Cosmopolitan recaps, the beef dates all the way back to 2009 when Ye interrupted Swift's VMA acceptance speech. The drama was reignited in 2016 when the parties had conflicting stories about whether or not Swift consented to an offensive call-out in Ye's song "Famous."

Now that Kardashian has left Ye, Swift may think it's time to bond over a shared enemy. "Lately I've been dressing for revenge," the singer reveals in the new track (via AZ Lyrics) before going in for the kill: "She gets the house, gets the kids, gets the pride / Picture me thick as thieves with your ex-wife." Ouch! If fan theories about a "Vigilante Sh*t" music video turn out to be true, we're crossing our fingers for a guest appearance by Kardashian.