WWE Hall-Of-Famer Kevin Nash Breaks His Silence On Son Tristen's Tragic Death

Wrestler Kevin Nash, retired WWE superstar, opened up about his grief following the death of his son, Tristen Nash. The musician and poet died on October 19, 2022 when he was 26 years old. WWE rep Sean Ross Sapp posted the sad news on Twitter the following day on behalf of Kevin and his wife, Tamara. "Tristen recently started working on Kevin's new podcast and the two enjoyed their time together," Sapp wrote. "The Nash family asks if you could please respect their privacy during this time."

Kevin opened up about his son's death on the podcast "Kliq THIS" on October 24 and confirmed the cause. "This Wednesday morning, my son passed," Kevin began to co-host Sean Oliver who noted hearing about Tristen having a seizure and being taken to the hospital. "The seizure caused a cardiac arrest. He was basically dead in his room on the floor with the EMT working on him. And they got him back and got him in the ambulance and tried to save his life." 

Before continuing, Kevin thanked the doctors and nurses of Halifax Hospital. And while he's not obligated to do so, he had a lot more to say about the heartbreaking experience.

Kevin Nash says alcoholism is his 'cross to bear'

Kevin Nash shared on the "Kliq THIS" podcast that his son, Tristen Nash, had been feeling sick in the days leading up to his death, and that part of it was that he and Tristen decided to stop drinking alcohol. "We both had just decided that we were going to stop drinking, so it was a situation where we both went cold turkey," Kevin said. "I don't think either of us felt great ... I think we were both dealing with it." The WWE star added that sometimes, for other people, abruptly giving up on alcohol can increase one's risk of having a seizure.

Kevin recollected an incident in which Tristen had drank five or six beers from his studio after they both decided to abstain. "This is my cross to bear — alcoholism," he said. "It took one of my dearest friends ... It took Scott ... And now it's taken my son." The wrestler described what he thought as his son died. "My wife and I were standing over my son and he took his last heartbeat," he described. "Number one, he was beautiful, he looked so gorgeous. I actually thought for a minute, 'Is my son a vampire? Is he glamming me?'"

Nash said that when they were in the hospital, the doctors explained that Tristen was in a coma but that he wouldn't make it — Tristen's heart had been too damaged. 

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