Tyra Banks' Odd DWTS Behavior Has Fans Decrying Her Hosting Gig Again

Season 31 "Dancing with the Stars" contestant Shangela stunned viewers everywhere when she took the judge Len Goodman's constructive criticism about making her legwork more "crisp" quite literally and competed in the October 24 live episode with fried chicken in her wardrobe.

According to Yahoo Entertainment, following Goodman's praise that it was her "best dance of the season," Shangela pressed on. "But Len, were my legs crispy?" she asked. While Goodman insisted that yes, her "legs were flexed" Shangela promptly retrieved a piece of fried chicken enclosed in a plastic resealable bag from her top. "Mamma said to make sure I give you this crispy chicken because my legs were just as crispy," she said as she handed Goodman the fried food. And while everyone had a good laugh it's what happened afterward involving the show's host Tyra Banks that really got the fans talking... and, unfortunately, it wasn't all positive.

Tyra Banks ate Shangela's chicken

Supermodel turned "Dancing with the Stars" host Tyra Banks raised eyebrows everywhere during the October 24 live episode when she proceeded to taste test a piece of fried chicken contestant Shangela fished from her top after completing an entire tango number. While the second piece of poultry that the contestant offered up was also tightly sealed in a plastic bag, viewers still weren't amused and some even called for her to be voted off of the show. "NOT TYRA EATING SHANGELA'S BOOB CHICKEN???"' one flabbergasted viewer tweeted. Meanwhile, another penned a tweet that read, "Tyra once again proved that SHE should be eliminated. She freakin ate the chicken that was in Shangela's bra...on live TV. Disney+... did you see that?????" Still, others weren't as bothered by Banks chowing down on Shangela's chicken leg. "Shangela danced with two crispy chicken legs in her bra cuz she was told she needed 'crisp legs; by the judge and then Tyra ate one of the chicken legs this is Entertainment," one viewer declared.

Unfortunately, however, this isn't the first time viewers have called for Banks to get the boot from the competition series. According to OK! Magazine, following a series of mistakes (including referring to contestant Charli D'Amelio's boyfriend Landon Barker as "Logan" not once but twice) many viewers called for Banks to be ousted from the host position. "Congrats to Tyra Banks for being the only person who is capable of messing up every single thing at her job and still not get fired," one viewer wrote.