Below Deck Fans Tell Nicki Swift What They Think Is The Best Franchise - Exclusive Survey

Since its premiere in 2013, "Below Deck" has captivated viewers. The reality show follows the lives of crew members who work aboard a luxury yacht, catering to charter guests during the season. The "upstairs, downstairs" concept was a hit with fans, as they also got a glimpse of the lives of the super-wealthy. While some guests are gracious and easy to serve, there have been plenty who gave the staff a run for their tip money. But the drama with the charter guests isn't the only entertaining aspect of "Below Deck": There are often hook-ups and fights between the crew that fans love to watch, such as the messy relationship between Chef Robinson and Kat Held during Seasons 1 and 2.

"Below Deck" was such a hit that Bravo came out with "Below Deck Mediterranean" in 2016. The series had an entirely new cast, with Captain Sandy Yawn at the helm and Robinson as the chef. "Below Deck Sailing Yacht" premiered in 2020, providing viewers with even more entertainment. Who can forget the cringey boatmance between Adam Glick and Jenna MacGillivray? "Below Deck Down Under" just premiered its first season this year, and is already as popular as the others. The "Below Deck" franchise is one of the biggest on Bravo, and still growing. With so many to choose from, Nicki Swift wondered which one fans love the best — it was a close race, but one came out on top.

Below Deck takes the helm as the favorite franchise

In an exclusive Nicki Swift survey with 582 votes, 27.49% of respondents chose "Below Deck" as their favorite show in the franchise. It's no surprise, as the original show has been on the longest and provided viewers with many years of entertainment. Captain Lee Rosbach is also a fan favorite, and while his stern nature can be intimidating at times, he showed his soft side when he spoke fondly about his wife Mary Anne Rosbach. Rosbach has also amused viewers with his hilarious quotes over the years.

"Below Deck Sailing Yacht" and "Below Deck Down Under" came a close second, with both franchises tying with 25.43% of votes. "Sailing Yacht"'s Captain Glenn Shephard was also a hit with fans. Contrasted with Rosbach's stern nature, Shephard was more laid back and affable with the crew. Fans were also particularly riveted by Gary King and the many women he wooed. As for "Below Deck Down Under," it quickly became a hit after only one season, and it didn't hurt that Captain Jason Chambers, also known as "Captain Cutie," provided eye candy to viewers. "Below Deck Mediterranean" came last with 21.65% votes. It's not surprising, as the Daily Beast has called the currently-airing season 7 the worst yet. Overall, it was a very close race, which just proves that fans love the "Below Deck" franchise.