Who Is Jessica Stocker From Winter House?

"Winter House" Season 2 has just begun and viewers are getting to know three new cast members: Kory Keefer, Rachel Clarke, and Jessica Stocker. Also among the cast are familiar faces Paige DeSorbo, Craig Conover, Luke Gulbranson, Jason Cameron, Ciara Miller, Amanda Batula, and Kyle Cooke. When the new castmates were introduced, fans were taken aback by how eerily similar Stocker looked to "Summer House" and "Winter House" star Lindsay Hubbard. But Hubbard, who starred in "Winter House" Season 1, is no longer part of the cast. Rather, she and her now-fiancé Carl Radke will be making a special guest appearance later on in the season, per People. It will be interesting to see how she and her doppelgänger will get along.

Like Hubbard, Stocker has a fiery, flirtatious personality that has already caused drama within the house. Stocker was introduced to the group by Cameron, who slid into her DMs, per Bravo. During the first few episodes, Cameron tried to pursue Stocker, who wasn't interested. Instead, she seemed to have her eyes on Gulbranson and even told him that she liked him — but soon changed her mind, unbeknownst to him.

As reported by People, Gulbranson kept trying to woo Stocker until an exasperated Conover told Gulbranson to leave her alone, which almost led to a fistfight. Throughout these developments, Stocker's hot and cold attitude left "Winter House" fans divided on her addition to the cast, and many are curious to know more about the blonde beauty.

Jessica Stocker is in real estate

Jessica Stocker works as a real estate agent in Beverly Hills (per LinkedIn). She runs her business, Blondes Building Equity, with friend Kinsey Wolanski. The pair show off multi-million dollar homes and interview experts in the real estate industry on their shared Instagram account, as well as their YouTube channel. Stocker and Wolanski appear to be passionate about their careers and also share their insight on a podcast by the same name.

During an episode of "Winter House," Stocker shared that she is also a real estate agent in the metaverse, which had fans confused. In a February 2022 interview with life coach Zach Rance, Stocker broke down how clients can buy virtual real estate. "Real estate in the metaverse is just like commercial real estate in the physical world."

She explained that people who want to buy a storefront in the digital world need to have a business idea in mind. "Popular businesses that are happening right now are casinos, NFT galleries, they also have concert arenas," Stocker stated. She went on to say that if a client wants to build a concert arena in the metaverse, she would have a digital architect build one, and then rent out the space to artists. She would then get a commission on all the sales. As confusing as this may sound, it certainly looks as if Stocker is a forward-thinking businesswoman.

Jessica Stocker is a world traveler

Jessica Stocker is putting her hard-earned money to good use. When she's not selling real estate, she likes to travel the world. Her Instagram feed is full of pictures of exotic locations she's visited, such as Australia and France. One snap has her in front of the Eiffel Tower with the caption, "I have never been so in love with a city before, Paris is absolutely surreal." 

Another picture shows the canals of Venice, Italy, while a picture from a few days later shows drinks with the caption, "Finally made it to IBIZA." Stocker appears to be a daredevil as she shared a photo of herself on a plane about to go skydiving in 2018. Another showed Stocker posing on a rooftop with the caption, "Wanted to bungee jump off." And one of her latest adventures was hiking in an ice cave in Austria in July 2021.

Since then, it appears Stocker has been keeping busy running her business with Kinsey Wolanski and the two completed a project in June. "The best feeling ever buying our first property together to fix and flip. I love you and our partnership Kins," Stocker shared on Instagram. At just 25 years old, Stocker has accomplished a lot, and now the "Winter House" cast member can add "television star" to her resumé.