Hasbulla's Scolding Of Fan Who Pinched His Cheek Has Twitter Losing It

It's plain and simple: Don't mess with Hasbulla Magomedov!

If you haven't somehow heard of the social media phenomenon, Hasbulla is a 20-year-old fighter who first gained popularity for his videos impersonating Russian MMA fighter Khabib Nurmagomedov as "Mini Khabib," per The U.S. Sun. The young Internet star has a rare genetic disease that has caused his growth to stunt at just over 3 feet. Although he's smaller in stature, Hasbulla's the true definition of the saying dynamite comes in small packages. Plus, the firecracker is certainly not afraid to square up to the big guys. His most viral videos are ones where he's straight-up punching famous UFC and MMA fighters. In fact, Hasbulla announced earlier this month that he recently signed a contract to fight under UFC!

Although he's a good sport when it comes to interacting with his millions of fans, one person took it too far in Hasbulla's eyes, and fans are coming to the influencer's defense.

Hasbulla's fans defend the fighter

Hasbulla Magomedov just wants to be treated like any other person. The young fighter already has to deal with people treating him differently due to his genetic condition, but his newfound celebrity status has taken that to another level. In a video posted on Twitter, a young fan squeezes Hasbulla's cheeks as he greets another group of people. "Hey, no!" he sternly asserts as he wags his finger at the culprit. His manager quickly calms Hasbulla down before he goes back to chatting with the other fans.

"Homie lucky he caught Hasbulla on a good day," one user replied to the video, referencing the fighter's fiery nature. "I mean [Hasbulla] isn't a kid," another added to the discourse. "Imagine you are around 19-20 but with Dwarfism and a 8-10 year old pinch your cheek [for] thinking you are cute."

It's always wrong to treat people this way, but fans are particularly sensitive to this situation due to Hasbulla's recent comments on the "Full Send Podcast." During the interview, Hasbulla opened up about how being treated differently is exhausting and he doesn't want to be touched when he's taking photos with fans. Hopefully in the future, people will respect Hasbulla's boundaries.