Stephanie Sala

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Los Angeles, California
Boston University
The Real Housewives Franchise, RuPaul's Drag Race, HBO
  • Stephanie specializes in analyzing and abridging legal cases, having previously reported on Depp v. Heard, Todd and Julie Chrisley's fraud charges, the Rust tragedy's lawsuits, and others.
  • From Old Hollywood to Internet history, her mind is a bottomless pit of random entertainment and celebrity trivia.
  • Her hobby is studying old TV shows like historical texts. For example, she examined New York City pre-and-post 2001 through the lens of juxtaposing The Real World and RHONYC.


As a freelance writer, Stephanie has authored hundreds of articles pertaining to the entertainment industry over the past few years. She has worked as a News Writer for Nicki Swift for nearly two years, and she previously served as a Reality TV News Writer for Monsters & Critics. From her training in writing-intensive higher education programs, Stephanie has mastered news writing, feature writing, and various print and digital communication forms. Her impeccable research skills ensure that every article is factual and comprehensive.


Stephanie majored in Film and Television studies with an emphasis on producing and management and minored in Media Science.
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