Megan Fox And Machine Gun Kelly's Halloween Costumes Have Twitter In A Tizzy

Megan Fox and Machine Gun Kelly famously met in 2020 on the set of "Midnight In The Switchgrass," but they told GQ that they had actually met once before: years prior at a party for the outlet in Los Angeles, without fully registering that they saw each other. "This weird thing happened," Fox said. "We didn't see each other." Kelly added, "That's what's crazy ... I don't remember your face." 

They certainly remember each other's faces now, and have made non-stop headlines for the intensity of their romance. Fox and Kelly drink each other's blood, apparently, and they constantly gush over one another on social media. Naturally, such an intense bond sparks comparison with famous past relationships. In October 2021, GQ wrote of the two, "They walk in the footprints etched by the platform boots of partnerships such as Tommy and Pam, Kurt and Courtney or Mick and Marianne, but with a key difference: they're trying their damndest to make sure things don't blow up."

One year later, it seems that Fox and Kelly took these comparisons to heart. For Halloween 2022, they dressed as Pamela Anderson and Tommy Lee to both alarm and praise.

Megan Fox and Machine Gun Kelly's Pam and Tommy costumes face mixed reactions

Megan Fox and Machine Gun Kelly attended the Casamigos Halloween Party in Beverly Hills on October 28, 2022, per CNN. They showed up in costume as Pamela Anderson and Tommy Lee, posting a series of photos on Instagram with the caption, "But are these even costumes." They shared side-by-side photos of Anderson and Lee, replicating one image where Lee seems to have his hand on Anderson's neck. In 1998, the Los Angeles Times reported that Lee was sentenced to six months in jail for spousal battery.

In light of this history, people on Twitter are upset and concerned at Fox and Kelly's desire to reproduce aspects of Anderson and Lee's relationship. "Tommy lee was handcuffed and sent to jail for six months for felony spousal abuse but apparently that's trendy now, huh," one person tweeted. "I have such a soft spot for megan, and the thing is as tone deaf as this is, it sounds like she's in a situation that's very similar to pam and tommy herself," another tweeted. They continued, "[S]o for her to 'romanticize' this doesn't shock me." Another person commented, "Took tone deaf to a whole other level."

While it very well could have been nothing more than a fun dip back into 90s fashion, people were clearly uncomfortable with the glorification of Anderson and Lee's relationship.

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