Inside Takeoff's Relationship With Offset

It seemed Takeoff, who was born Kirshnik Khari Ball, enjoyed a close relationship with Offset for a number of years, with the two rappers joining forces with Quavo to form Migos, so Offset was no doubt left devastated when it was confirmed on November 1 that Takeoff had been shot dead. TMZ confirmed the rapper's untimely passing, claiming he was killed at a Houston bowling alley while out with Quavo, his uncle. It was reported there was some kind of altercation and shots were fired and Takeoff reportedly died at the scene.

But, what was Takeoff's relationship with Offset really like before his death? The trio knew each other for several years, with Offset admitting to Fader in 2017, "We don't even think of each other as a group. I don't think I'm in a group with two other guys, where I don't know their moms and their grandmas, their aunties, and I don't know where they came from. This is my immediate family. These are the only people I know. That's why we be around each other so much. I don't know nobody else." The trio performed together for 14 years as Migos, but seemingly split in 2022.

Why did Migos appear to breakup?

While Takeoff and Quavo were close for years as family members (Quavo explained in a 2013 interview with Fader, "His momma took care of everything, and us. We always stayed in the same house. We share everything. He's basically like a brother") there was some speculation about what was going on with the trio after Migos seemed to split. Shortly before Takeoff's untimely death, Takeoff and Quavo decided to release music as a duo. "I just feel like we want to see our career as a duo because we just came from a loyal family," Quavo told "Big Facts" in October of the group's apparent breakup. "We're supposed to stick together, and sometimes s**t don't work out. It ain't meant to be." Takeoff added, "We don't know all the answers. God knows we pray a lot. We tell [God] whatever ain't right, however you supposed to see it fit, you put it back together or however you do it. We pray, so only time will tell. We're always family, ain't nothing gone change."

That came after fans noticed Offset and his wife, Cardi B, unfollowed his former Migos bandmates on Instagram after they debuted their debut single as a duo in May, titled "Hotel Lobby," per Stereogum

Offset was one of Takeoff's biggest supporters

Offset had admitted he's always been a fan of Takeoff and his undeniable talent. During a 2018 interview with Apple Music, Quavo heaped praise on Takeoff, admitting before all their drama, "In my opinion, [he's] the best one out of all of us. You know what I'm saying?... To me he's the best one!" Offset then agreed, adding that when they used to perform in their hometown when they were just started out, Takeoff was always the one who got the most attention and the standout in the group.

Takeoff and Quavo were also there for Offset during his prison stint for violating probation, with the rapper revealing in a 2013 Fader interview that he spoke with the duo daily and they all stayed very close while he was inside. "My daily routine was writing music and talking to Quavo and Takeoff on the phone. I didn't really kick it with nobody else [in prison] 'cause they weren't on the same level, they weren't doing what I was doing so I didn't have any conversation for them," he shared. Offset also revealed that his now former bandmates would tell him about how well their music was doing on the outside, noting, "Quavo and Takeoff have been keeping me posted — I talked to them on the daily."

Takeoff and Offset 'had a great relationship'

Several Twitter users took to social media following Takeoff's tragic death to speculate he and Offset may not have been on the best terms due to Migos' split, with one person writing in a viral tweet, "The crazy thing is Offset and Takeoff aint even straighten out they issues before he died," with another tweeting in part following the devastating news, "Takeoff passing away while him and Offset weren't on good terms is the [worst] part of this... Praying for all parties involved truly."

However, a spokesperson for Offset denied all the speculation and confirmed to Nicki Swift that there was no drama between the two talented musicians. "Takeoff and Offset were on good terms amidst his untimely passing and they've always had a great relationship," they said. Offset appeared to confirm that when he paid a touching tribute to his fallen friend on Instagram by changing his profile photo to an image of Takeoff alongside a white heart, while TMZ reported he did not attend a performance in Boston in the days that followed Takeoff's death. 

Our thoughts go out to all those mourning such a tragic loss.