Heidi Klum Continues Her Halloween Reign With Over-The-Top Costume

In case you didn't already know, Heidi Klum is the queen of Halloween. Not only does she hold a party every year that is filled with high-profile celebrity guests, but she also knows how to slay with her own costume.

During an interview with ET Style in 2019, the supermodel broke down her legendary looks from the past 20 years. When discussing her fierce Jessica Rabbit ensemble, the "America's Got Talent" judge revealed it took her two hours to get out of the costume, revealing her entire face was in prosthetics. However, her all-time favorite Halloween look she has pulled off is when she rocked up to her party as an old, wrinkly lady with a walking stick. "I loved it for myself to see what I'm gonna look like," Klum explained. That said, the costumes were also inspired by others insisting she was already "old" at the age of 40. When choosing to dress up as an ape, Klum admitted there were so many layers to the costume, stating it was "shocking how real it was."

With such a history of winning Halloween every year, Klum knew she had to step up her game for 2022. Ahead of her party, she teased fans on Instagram with a semi-nude photo of herself about to get a tan. "Halloween Prep. 1st step!!" she wrote. That said, the best was yet to come.

Heidi Klum wriggled her way into her party

And the award for the best Halloween costume of 2022 goes to Heidi Klum! As seen in the snapshot above, the "Germany's Next Top Model" host turned up to her Halloween bash in her most unique costume to date, as a giant worm. She arrived at the event with her husband, Tom Kaulitz, who contributed to her costume by portraying a fisherman who had just caught the bug with his long rod. Klum's costume was so spectacular that only her eyes, nose, and mouth were visible. It featured a long tail and covered her whole entire body.

In a hilarious interview with Entertainment Tonight, Klum can be seen laying down on the floor while talking to journalists. She told the outlet the costume didn't take too long to get changed into. However, building the costume took a few months. Klum admitted she wanted to be a tree for Halloween last year but was told it would be "too difficult" to execute. As a result, she settled to be a rainworm this year.

With no surprise, fans immediately reacted to Klum's unique look on social media. "Heidi Klum out here letting everyone know he will still love you if you were a worm," one user tweeted. "Heidi Klum dressing as a worm is my favorite thing this year," another person shared. "Heidi Klum is a Halloween QUEEN," a third remarked. Singer Katy Perry even insisted Klum's worm is the "all time best costume."