The Two RHOSLC Stars You're Going To See On Below Deck Adventure

It's been almost a decade since the premiere of "Below Deck," which has since spawned three spin-offs: "Below Deck Mediterranean," "Below Deck Sailing Yacht," and "Below Deck Down Under." Now, the Bravo franchise, which follows crew members of luxury boats as they tend to the ever growing needs of passengers, has added a fourth spin-off to its lineup: "Below Deck Adventure." The newest "Below Deck" spin-off takes place in Norway and "follows a crew and thrill-seeking charter guests aboard a mega-yacht as they experience adrenaline-pumping activities," per IMDb

Kerry Titheradge, captain of the resident yacht Mercury, echoed this sentiment, assuring viewers that "Below Deck Adventure" will offer viewers something different than previous iterations of the franchise. "The Caribbean, there's a lot of beach parties and often people are enjoying inside of the boat, 'cause it's so damn hot," Captain Titheradge told Entertainment Weekly. "In the Mediterranean, it's all about pulling up at San Tropez and being seen."

However, the "Below Deck Adventure" cast "went biking down Trollstigen road," in addition to "paragliding and horseback riding," Titheradge shared. And while that all sounds exciting, Bravo viewers will be happy to know that, like other "Below Deck" offshoots, a couple of familiar faces will be guests in the mix. 

Heather Gay and Angie Harrington will appear on Below Deck Adventure

Even though the crews are at the heart of the "Below Deck" franchise, they wouldn't be in business without the guests who frequent the luxury yachts. The first season of "Below Deck Adventure" will have cameos from Heather Gay and Angie Harrington of "The Real Housewives of Salt Lake City" fame. Ahead of its November 1 premiere date, Bravo released a trailer that shows a glimpse of Gay's appearance. During the video, Gay can, in true fashion, be seen attempting to get the party started. "This is where we [get in the] hot tub and have sex!" proclaimed the Bravo alum. 

Despite Gay's attempt to steam things up, she was a wonderful guest, according to Chief Stewardess Faye Clarke. "They just say what they think, they are used to having people around them," Faye shared with Entertainment Tonight. "I can honestly say every charter guest that we had has stayed in contact with me, and they are all just genuinely lovely people. Like, lovely people. You might see something different on camera — I don't know — but to my face, they were lovely." According to writer Dave Quinn's tweet, Gay and Harrington have joined the list of "Housewives" who've crossed over into the "Below Deck" universe, including Cynthia Bailey, Kary Brittingham, Alexis Bellino, and Claudia Jordan.