Chloë Grace Moretz Details Tattoo Horror Story And Why She Hides Her Ink

Although Chloë Grace Moretz has been a bona fide movie star for more than a decade, the "Kick-Ass" star has always maintained a veil of privacy around her personal life. Her 2018 breakup from ex-boyfriend Brooklyn Beckham was only made public after he was photographed kissing someone else, per Elle UK. Moretz's dignified composure through that messy chapter was admirable, with her only breaking her silence to tell Elle UK, "I'm not a big fan of PDAs in general. I personally don't want to see people posted all over my phone making out." 

Moretz also recently spoke with candor about another specific pitfall of fame. A 2019 meme joking about her long legs went so viral it even inspired a caricature on an episode of "Family Guy." That, for Moretz, was a crushing blow to her body confidence. "I just remember sitting there and thinking, my body is being used as a joke and it's something that I can't change about who I am, and it is being posted all over Instagram," Moretz told Hunger in September. For a long period after, the actor tried to hide from cameras as much as she could. However, as she herself told Net-a-Porter in 2018, show business dictates that one can't hide forever. "If they're not taking your photo, they're not watching your movies... I'd rather you want it," Moretz said at the time.

In a recent interview with Wired, the star of "The Peripheral" revealed another little-known facet about her body image.

Chloë Grace Moretz keeps tattoos hidden to save time in makeup chair

Chloë Grace Moretz is covered with tattoos, but thanks to her job, most casual fans wouldn't know it. In a November 2 Wired Autocomplete Interview, the "Tom and Jerry" star revealed that her ink is strategically hidden all over her body. "As an actor, you have to spend a lot of time in hair and makeup if you have tattoos," Moretz explained, recalling her childhood when older actors would warn her, "Don't ever get tattoos, because you're going to have to come in at like 3 a.m." On the subject of inkwork, Moretz also shared her worst memory of getting one done. "I got one on vacation once. There was someone at the hotel... All I was going to get was three dots and it was, first of all, the most painful tattoo I've literally ever had in my life," Moretz said. Recalling being close to tears, the actor expressed gratitude that she and her longtime stylist endured getting that tat together. 

Although Moretz rarely shows off her hidden ink, she did describe some to Allure in 2016. At the time, Moretz told the publication she had just tattooed the number 4,419 on her hip. "It's the 4,419 miles that I drove cross-country when I turned 18. It represents coming of age," she explained. Inked elsewhere on Moretz's body are other sentimental tokens, such as her grandmother's signature, her family's initials, and a print of her sister's feet.