Morgan Stewart Was Ready For The Plug To Get Pulled On Necessary Realness

Morgan Stewart is one of those people who makes lemonade when life gives her lemons. After "Rich Kids of Beverly Hills" ended, Stewart didn't cry into her 1,500-thread count pillow. Per IMDb, she strutted back on-camera, scoring not one, but four E! shows: "Daily Pop," "Nightly Pop," "Necessary Realness," and "What the Fashion." So, it's no surprise that it didn't phase her when the network ended said shows. In fairness, given how uber-rich Stewart's parents are, it's not like she really had to worry about making her next car payment. Plus, she's one of those people who always lands on their (Louboutin-clad) feet.

When Stewart divorced in October 2019, she immediately bagged a new boo, Dr. Phil's son, Jordan McGraw. In December 2020, Stewart and McGraw tied the knot in a surprise wedding, and it wasn't long before their first little bundle of joy arrived, daughter Row Renggli McGraw. Stewart shared the exciting news on Instagram, along with a cute pic of the proud papa holding their new baby.

"Exactly one year and a day" after Row's birth, Stewart took to Instagram again to announce the birth of their son, Grey Oliver McGraw. "I feel like I have just gotten a handle on Row, and then to go through a whole new newborn stage," she told E! News about fearing being a mother of two. With all those sleepless nights and diaper changes, it's little surprise that Stewart was ready for the plug to get pulled on "Necessary Realness."

Morgan Stewart's figuring out the next chapter in her life

Morgan Stewart was ready for the plug to get pulled on "Necessary Realness." She left on a typically stylish note by giving fans a tour of one of her two completely packed "couture closets" (that's the size of an average New York City apartment). "I was bawling on 'Daily Pop' last week," Stewart claimed, while chewing on a chicken nugget in the farewell video. "It's all unresolved trauma.

However, Stewart appeared completely trauma-free when she sat for an interview with the "Call Her Daddy" podcast to discuss the show's ending. She admitted she didn't care about the other three series finishing, but the cancellation of "Necessary Realness" had stung. "[It] was like my little show. I loved doing it," Stewart confessed. She refused to focus on the negatives, though. "It was time for me to go and figure out what I really want to do," she shared.

The mom-of-two conceded she'd become exhausted after "six years of 5 a.m. wake-ups" for filming. "I was doing, at one point, four shows a day," Stewart explained. "it's not physically possible or sustainable to work the way I worked." She said she had nothing but fuzzy feelings and love for E! and the crew and she has no regrets. "It was a mutual feeling of it's time to move on. I had been feeling like I had hit the ceiling there," Stewart admitted.