Lizzo's Relationship With Harry Styles Explained

In an industry where artists are competing for awards, attention, and album sales, it's always special to see two stars genuinely show love. While social media feuds between the likes of Nicki Minaj and Latto sometimes make headlines, Harry Styles and Lizzo caught everyone's attention by expressing mutual adoration for each other. What started off as a simple cover of a hit song has quickly turned into a blossoming and totally adorable friendship. 

The two pop artists have a lot in common, with their bold, eccentric styles. They've each carved out a lane in music by not shying away from bending the rules of what's been considered normal and acceptable. According to The Guardian, Styles is "the face of gender-neutral fashion," while Lizzo educates people on what body positivity really is. In fact, one message both artists give their loyal fans is to embrace what makes them unique. It's no surprise that these musicians, who share similar values, are big fans of one another.

The two chart-toppers have hilariously been nicknamed "Hizzo" by fans who love their genuine friendship and are desperately waiting to hear them on the same song. Whether we get an entire album of duets or simply more iconic Coachella performances, we're totally here for this pop star duo. Here's the story of a friendship we never knew we needed.

Harry did his own spin on her global hit

In 2019, Lizzo's song "Juice" took over the radio. The upbeat self-love jam quickly caught the ears of everyone, including Harry Styles. Styles — who lives by the words "Treat People With Kindness" – instantly loved performing the empowering anthem and sang a cover of it during his BBC Radio 1 appearance.

During his interview, Styles explained why he chose the song, and he praised Lizzo's individuality. "I just think she's amazing ... definitely one of the most exciting artists working [now] for sure," he said. "She's exactly what you want an artist to be, I think, which is themself." As a fan of Styles, the singer was overjoyed to see him cover her song. Lizzo reposted the performance on Twitter and revealed that she was totally melting over the sweet compliments he paid her. In another tweet, she teased fans about a possible collab between the two: "You know what this means right....?" 

Lizzo later gave the fans what they were waiting for and brought Styles out for a special performance of "Juice" in January 2020. Their vocals and fun style meshed perfectly well together. The crowd went nuts seeing these two superstars on one stage. Everyone definitely got more than what they paid for.

When Harry met Lizzo

You would think that two artists would first cross paths at an award show or a concert, but that's not what happened to Lizzo and Harry. During an appearance on "Spout Podcast," Lizzo finally revealed the backstory of how the pair actually met and why they immediately hit it off. According to Lizzo, the artists were scheduled to perform in Miami and randomly decided to split a private jet. 

While up in the air, the two got to know each other through heartfelt conversations. ​​As usual, Lizzo sang Styles' praises and gushed about what it's like being his friend. "He's a great person, a great listener," she explained, adding, "[He] really cares about how you feel, and very funny. That's an interesting way to meet somebody for the first time. For people with social anxiety, not the ideal way, but Harry can make even the most socially anxious person feel very comfortable." 

Styles sounds like an ideal friend and the perfect person to sit next to on a long flight. As the touring artists continue traveling the world, they still find time to reconnect. Lizzo paid a visit to one of Styles' Love On Tour shows. In 2022, she shared a photo of the two besties giving each other a high-five backstage, tweeting, "Anyways... I had so much fun w [sic] Harry yesterday."

Lizzo sings about adoring Harry

What do you do when you're as talented as Harry Styles and Lizzo? You continue to try to playfully one-up each other. During Lizzo's trip to the U.K., the singer headed to BBC Radio 1 and decided to cover one of Styles' hit songs. The star performed an amazing rendition of "Adore You" and even remixed the lyrics to address Styles directly. "Oh Harry," she sang. "I'd walk through fire for you, just let me adore you." 

Later, the artists reunited at the 2020 BRIT Awards, where they sat next to each other and stole the show with an adorable moment. While speaking to host Jack Whitehall, Lizzo held hands with Styles and they snuggled together. Whitehall jokingly said, "Back off, Styles!" He, too, had his eye on Lizzo. 

Soon after, their nickname "Hizzo" began trending, and everyone made it clear that this was the friendship we needed to see more of. The BRIT Awards turned out to be a great night for Lizzo. Outside of reuniting with her friend, she delivered a show-stopping medley of her biggest hits, proving once again that she's a world-class entertainer.

They reunited for two special moments

Due to the pandemic, the 2021 Grammys was now an outdoor event with a smaller audience of stars. This change didn't stop Lizzo and Harry Styles from having a great night. Styles accepted his first-ever Grammy for his hit "Watermelon Sugar." No one was more excited for the singer than Lizzo herself. She posted selfies on Instagram with the two looking fabulous. The caption read, "HARRY WON A GRAMMY!!!"

A month later, as the Coachella headliner, Styles brought his friend out as a special guest. He and Lizzo took the stage in bright pink outfits to perform a festive rendition of "I Will Survive." Lizzo even got to live her One Direction fangirl dream when the two later performed the smash hit "What Makes You Beautiful." To commemorate their special performance, Lizzo wrote a heartfelt Instagram caption about her duet partner: "@harrystyles is a treasure, gods gift to rock n roll, the light that comes from him is real and infinite.. he makes being on stage in front of hundreds n thousands easy, cus it's w [sic] a friend."

Apparently, the trust between these two is strong. When asked by Elle UK who she'd rather have take care of her after a long night out, the singer picked Styles over rapper Cardi B. "I'm gonna say Mr. Harry Styles, only because that's actually happened," she explained. "And Harry stays really calm under pressure." Making this plan even better, Lizzo told the mag that Styles always smells shower fresh.

Harry sends Lizzo flowers and makeup

A good friend is a gift that keeps on giving. As Lizzo celebrated her second #1 single on the Billboard Hot 100 charts in 2022, Harry Styles was there to celebrate her accomplishment. Lizzo shared a clip on TikTok of a beautiful flower arrangement from her bestie. "Yall harry got me flowers congratulating me on about damn time going #1," she wrote in the caption with tearful emojis. It was a sweet gesture, especially considering that Lizzo's song "About Damn Time" knocked Styles' "As It Was" from the #1 spot, per Teen Vogue

Styles clearly loves to send his buddy mail she'll love. After launching his beauty brand Pleasing in 2021, he sent Lizzo a special package full of some of his latest products. Lizzo, of course, gave a review of each product on her TikTok and thanked him for sending the goodies her way. A few days later, she attended his L.A. concert wearing a fan T-shirt with her and Styles' faces on it that said, "These are my parents, no wonder why I'm so hot!"

Styles isn't the only entrepreneur. In 2022, Lizzo partnered with Fabletics and launched a brand of inclusive shapewear titled Yitty, per Forbes.  "I decided to take on the challenge of allowing women to feel unapologetically good about themselves again," the singer said in a statement, per People. Perhaps Styles supports her products, as well. 

Lizzo says a duet with Harry is possible

Despite a handful of amazing live performances with one another, Harry Styles and Lizzo still haven't fed the "Hizzo" fans a true collaboration. From fans bombarding their social media to journalists questioning them, Lizzo can't escape the hot seat. During one Capital FM interview, the singer addressed the idea of them finally collaborating. "I feel it would be a love duet," she said describing a possible song. "We both have so much love for each other and we love to sing about love... anything could come out of it!" 

Despite the anticipation and both artists having similar interests, Lizzo explained that she doesn't want to rush the song. The "Truth Hurts" singer is down to make it happen but understands that she and Styles have hectic schedules to work around. "Anything's possible," she told Variety in another interview. "If I fit into his plan, honey, I'm there."

Styles' third album, "Harry's House," featured zero guest appearances by other artists. Here's hoping Lizzo can surprise us with a guest appearance on his next studio album, or he on hers.