Harry Styles' Sweet Gesture To Lizzo Has The Internet Buzzing

Harry Styles and Lizzo are iconic on their own, but their friendship and mutual admiration absolutely breaks the internet. For fans, there's nothing more satisfying than seeing two of their favorite pop stars interacting, and they've been quick to dub the friendship "Hizzo."

Styles and Lizzo first gained attention as a duo in 2019, when the former covered Lizzo's song, "Juice." The video of the performance gained over 63 million views on YouTube. Capitalizing on fans' love of the crossover, Lizzo brought Styles along to a Miami Beach concert, and the pair performed the song together. One comment, which racked up 36,000 likes, summed up the moment perfectly: "It doesn't feel like a concert. It's just two best friends having a karaoke party and dancing like they rule this world..."

Fortunately, fans of the duo have not been deprived of Hizzo content over the years. At the 2021 Grammys, Styles and Lizzo reunited to take some adorable photos. When Styles won his first award at the ceremony, Lizzo posted them to Instagram to celebrate. Now, Styles is proving that he's ready to celebrate every Lizzo milestone, too ... and our hearts can't take it.

Harry Styles sent Lizzo flowers

Both Harry Styles and Lizzo have put out albums this year, to great success. Styles' first single off "Harry's House," "As It Was," spent ten weeks at number one on the Billboard Hot 100. It was finally unseated by Lizzo's release, "About D*** Time," which is her first number one single since 2019, according to Billboard.

Styles was quick to make it abundantly clear that he was nothing but happy for the singer. In a short clip posted to TikTok, Lizzo is seen holding a massive bouquet of followers. In the accompanying video, she says, "Thanks for the flowers, Harry." The caption reads, "Yall harry got me flowers congratulating me on about d*** time going #1" and her words were accompanied by many crying emojis. Lizzo wasn't the only one feeling emotional!

"[T]his is so cute im crying," wrote one fan in the comments. Another said, "I am so jealous it hurts." Twitter also had thoughts on the latest Hizzo moment, with one noting Lizzo's incredible track record with guys: "Oh, the many times I had wished I was Lizzo. Exchange flirty messages with Chris Evans and Harry Styles sending her flowers." Another pointed out that vibrant orange flowers—which dominated the gifted bouquet—are said to symbolize the joy a person brings you. Aww!