General Hospital Star Marcus Coloma Breaks Up With His Girlfriend In An Unusual And Soapy Way

In 1996, actor Tyler Christopher joined the cast of "General Hospital" as Nikolas Cassadine, a prince descended from Russian nobility. Over the years, Christopher took time off from the show here and there, with other actors replacing him temporarily, but he officially left the role in 2016. Marcus Coloma took on the part in 2019 and has truly made the character his own (per Soaps in Depth).

While Nikolas has had many lovers over the years, former mobster Ava Jerome (Maura West) is the only one who truly understood him, as she was just as devious and manipulating as the prince. They eventually got married and started having problems, particularly when it came to the evil Esme Prince (Avery Pohl), the girlfriend of Nikolas' son. Nikolas and Ava had been on the brink of divorce several times, and when it was revealed that he slept with Esme, Ava went ballistic, not only tearing into Nikolas for his betrayal but also getting into a physical fight which caused Esme to accidentally fall off the parapet of their castle (via Soap Dirt). As Daytime Confidential reported, Nikolas wanted to repair their relationship so badly that he wrote a confession claiming he was the one that killed Esme.

The scenes between Ava and Nikolas have been volatile, and in preparing for one of his scenes with West, Marcus Coloma found out the hard way that an actor's job can spill over into their personal life.

Marcus Coloma got far too caught up in his General Hospital character

According to Business Insider, some actors can get so deep into a role that they take the character home with them, which isn't always a good thing. "General Hospital" star Maurice Benard had co-star Marcus Coloma on his YouTube Show "State of Mind" and their conversation got to the topic of relationships. "That's the Achilles heel. I fall in love with girls," Coloma said about his relationships. He explained that when he meets a girl that's a good match, he falls in love, and they "move really fast."

He told Benard about an incident with his most recent girlfriend where he was rehearsing an intense scene that his character Nikolas Cassadine would have with Ava Jerome (Maura West). "I swear I was in character and she just came in at the wrong time ... I was like, 'You need to leave right now.' And she was like 'What are you talking about?' And I'm like, 'No, you need to leave.' ... and so she did, and after I filmed it [the scene with West], that's when I was like 'What happened?' and I missed her so much after," he lamented. Coloma said he wasn't method acting but added, "I think just the amount of work that we get inevitably you gotta be careful because it can [consume you] ..."

Coloma may not be able to repair his relationship, but perhaps Nikolas can.