Roger Froilan

Photo of Roger Froilan
Limington, ME
Salem State College
General Hospital, Soap Operas, Classic Television
  • Roger has been watching General Hospital since 1981 and is an expert on the show, and he also has a keen interest in the other remaining soap operas as well.
  • He placed twice in the Page International Screenwriting Awards Quarter Finals.
  • His podcast The East Meets the West won Best Long Form Show for the Amalga-Mania Podcast and Entertainment Awards.


Roger has regularly written for the websites Horror Haven and Haven Podcasts, as well as contributed articles to Drive-In Asylum Magazine. He is currently the producer and host of three popular podcasts: Then Is Now Podcast, The Cult Movie Lounge, and the award-winning The East Meets the West. He also hosts a monthly, live streaming video show called Fright Lounge. He has interviewed such celebrities as Sean Kanan, Bruce Boxleitner, Dee Wallace, Johnny Whitaker, Jerry Mathers and more. He has worked in video and audio production for over 25 years as well as having been a programming manager at a TV station, while writing for his websites simultaneously. He has been a Soap Opera News Writer for Static Media since July 2022, and is a fully dedicated cinephile with a passion for movies, television, comic books and especially General Hospital.


Roger has a bachelor's degree in English from Salem State College, in Salem MA.
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