Justin Verlander Got An Earful From Phillies Fans About His Wife Kate Upton

The Houston Astros have won World Series games, but Justin Verlander himself has not earned a dub as a starting pitcher. But that finally happened on November 3, 2022, per ESPN. "They put me in the cart and rolled me in the shower and just doused me with all sorts of stuff," the pitcher, who is expected to win his third CY Young Award this season, told the media outlet. "And it was one of the best feelings in my career."

The person who's perhaps the proudest of Verlander is his wife, Kate Upton. While she has her own successful career as a model and actor, she has always supported her husband and his accomplishments. "I am so proud of you @justinverlander..." she captioned her Instagram post after the Astros won their championship series against the Yankees. "ASTROS ARE GOING TO THE WORLD SERIES!!!"

The swimsuit model and the baseball pitcher met while filming a commercial in 2012, and dating rumors began to swirl in 2013, when they were seen vacationing together for New Year's. But according to People, Verlander denied the rumors and Upton started dating professional ballroom dancer Maksim Chmerkovskiy. After the two reunited at a party in 2014, they started dating. They got engaged in 2016 and married in November 2017. And it seems that fans can't get enough of their relationship.

Phillies fans love the love Kate Upton has for Justin Verlander

It's always fun when celebrities attend sporting games. It doesn't matter what team a person is rooting for — they're just excited to spot the famous face among the crowd. That's definitely the case with Kate Upton showing support for her husband Justin Verlander, per the New York Post. "When Kate Upton is rooting for the other team but she's Kate Upton," a Philadelphia Phillies fan said in a TikTok video, subtly showing the model cheering her husband on during the World Series.

But fans didn't stop there. After seeing cute moments posted to social media and the cameras spotting Upton cheering for Verlander in the crowd, fans wanted more. "As @JustinVerlander warms up the crowd is chanting 'Where's @KateUpton,'" a fan tweeted, along with a picture of the pitcher warming up in the outfield.

Although both the actor and the starting pitcher may be considered high profile people, they like to enjoy the normal things in life, as well. "We are foodies so I think a typical date night would be going out to dinner and a movie," Verlander told Maxim in 2018, indicating that they like to keep things simple when it comes to their private life.