TikToker Bella Poarch Ends Her Secret Marriage

TikTok star Bella Poarch won the most watched video of the year in 2020, per Vox, for her "M to the B" video. Hailing from the Philippines, Poarch moved to Texas at 13 years old  and gradually became a viral sensation. In speaking of online affirmation, Poarch told Vogue, "But I don't let the likes go to my head. It's not that important to me. I'm just happy that people like my content and accept me for who I truly am."

But Poarch isn't just online. The influencer joined the Navy and the experience was educational in more ways than one. "The Navy taught me one thing: that you can't do everything on your own — you have to have a great family of people around you to trust and achieve great things," she told Vogue.

Thanks to the power of TikTok, we feel like we know everything about Poarch — what she looks like without makeup and how many fans would want to be friends with her. But the truth is, there's so much we don't know about her, namely her secret marriage and subsequent divorce.

Bella Poarch is divorcing her husband of 4 years

It turns out, Bella Poarch was married for four years, and the only reason we know this now is because she's filing for divorce. TMZ obtained the documents, revealing that Poarch claimed "irreconcilable differences" from husband Tyler Poarch. For someone whose claim to fame is a candid self-presentation online, fans are all the more surprised by the news of Poarch's relationship. According to the documents, Poarch got married in January 2019; the documents also reveal that they did not have children together and she does not want Tyler to pay any kind of spousal support.

Poarch is obviously very secretive when it comes to her relationships, but she did share on "H3 Podcast" in 2021 that her first relationship came about when she joined the navy. Unfortunately, the relationship didn't last. "I got dumped while I was in deployment," Poarch said, adding that her partner cheated on her and wanted to move on to someone else. To make matters worse, he broke up with her in an email. But we're excited for Poarch's next move, because we know she's resilient as heck.