LeBron James Has Something To Say About Kyrie Irving's Problematic Social Media Post

LeBron James is speaking out following a problematic social media post made by fellow NBA player Kyrie Irving. On October 27, 2022, the NBA slapped Irving with major consequences over his controversial post on Twitter. Since posting the tweet in question — which included an antisemitic film titled "Hebrews to Negroes: Wake Up Black America," per Rolling Stone — Irving and his team, the Brooklyn Nets, have pledged donations to charities fighting antisemitism

But this might not have come soon enough. Athletic brand Nike has ended its relationship with Irving, saying in a statement, "At Nike, we believe there is no place for hate speech and we condemn any form of antisemitism. We are deeply saddened and disappointed by the situation and its impact on everyone" (per ESPN). 

Now, James has expressed his thoughts on the controversy, and his response isn't exactly complimentary to Irving, despite the fact that the two played together for the Cleveland Cavaliers, as noted by People.

LeBron James does not condone Kyrie Irving's antisemitic tweet

LeBron James commented on Kyrie Irving's tweet following a game between his team, the Los Angeles Lakers, and the Cleveland Cavaliers on November 6, 2022, reports People. In the transcript of James' comments, as posted to Twitter by ESPN reporter Dave McMenamin, James said, in part, "Me, personally, I don't condone hate to any kind. To any race. To Jewish communities, to Black communities, to Asian communities." James added, "There's no place in this world for it. Nobody can benefit from that, and I believe what Kyrie did caused some harm to a lot of people."

James has previously been outspoken regarding his support for anti-racism and Black Lives Matter, ESPN reported. In July 2022, the network quoted him as saying: "A lot of people kind of use this analogy, talking about Black Lives Matter as a movement. It's not a movement. When you're Black, it's not a movement. It's a lifestyle."