Jennifer Lopez Gushes About The Romance Of Taking Ben Affleck's Last Name

When Jennifer Lopez eloped with Ben Affleck in July, and then had another lavish Georgia wedding in August, per Page Six, Lopez couldn't help but unabashedly gush about her happiness. "Years ago, we had no idea the road ahead would mean navigating so many labyrinths and hold so many surprises, blessings, and delights," she wrote to her "On The JLo" newsletter subscribers in September, per Us Weekly. "It all culminated in this moment, one of the most perfect of our lives. We couldn't have been happier." 

Others, however, began to publicly ponder if J.Lo might change her famous name. "Will she be J-Aff?" wondered StyleCaster. After hinting that she would now be known as "Jennifer Lynn Affleck" to her newsletter subscribers (via Us Weekly), the New York Times published an op-ed where author Jennifer Weiner posited that it was profoundly unfeminist of Lopez to change her name — a practice rooted in sexist 11th century laws around coverture. Yet considering the long road it took for "Bennifer" to get hitched (they were initially betrothed in 2002, but called it off in 2004, only to reconnect again in 2021), the "Waiting for Tonight" singer seems to have ignored the criticism for the most part. Until now.

Jennifer Lopez says changing her name to Affleck is romantic and traditional

In an unguarded interview with Vogue for their December issue, Jennifer Lopez acknowledged that she will always be a Lopez professionally, but her legal name is now Affleck. For her, that choice is rooted in her strong sense of romance and her devotion to Ben Affleck. "We're joined together," she told the outlet. "We're husband and wife. I'm proud of that. I don't think that's a problem." The "My Love Don't Cost A Thing" singer added, "I'm very much in control of my own life and destiny and feel empowered as a woman and as a person." She concluded her thoughts by saying, "I'm just that kind of girl," and honestly, that sounds like the title of her next hit single to us.

The interview comes on the heels of Lopez posting some snaps to her official Instagram where she's wearing a "Mrs." gold necklace, an obvious nod to her choice of legal name. "I've Been Thinkin' ... comfy cozy writing session today," she captioned the pics, where she's seen writing in a notebook while wearing black lingerie. People reported that Lopez previously sported a necklace with the word "BEN" around her neck, which Affleck gave to her on her 52nd birthday.