Strange Things About Robert Pattinson And FKA Twigs' Relationship

Robert Pattinson and FKA Twigs were so cute together that they almost (almost!) made you forget he ever dated Kristen Stewart. These two, unlike the brooding "Robsten" before them, actually went to public events as a couple and beamed at one another constantly. Still, that doesn't mean they were ever normal. Here are the most bizarre aspects of Pattinson and Twigs' romance ... and the elements that likely led to its end.

They moved really fast

Pattinson and Twigs' relationship moved at warp speed. The pair was first linked in September 2014, but by the holidays, a source told Radar Online, "They are at a point now where it is getting real and Rob has never been happier. He is ready to start a life with her ... [They] have gotten extremely serious [in just three months] ... Rob is the type of person that if he did marry this girl, which wouldn't surprise anyone, neither of them would tell anyone and you would never know."

Apparently that's par for the Pattinson course: An insider told Radar Online in November 2014 that friends of the Twilight star advised him to "slow down because he is smothering her ... [Pattinson] has a tendency to go overboard. Almost to the point where it pushes girls away."

In March 2015, a source told People that the couple was already sporting promise rings. "He wants to marry her," the insider said. "They are inseparable when they are together. They live at his house." By April 2015, the couple had gotten engaged.

They really wanted kids

Not only did Twigs and Pattinson seem to be racing toward marriage, but they may have also been in a hurry to dive into parenthood too. 

A source told People of Twigs in April 2015, "She really wants kids." Twigs told The Sunday Times in August 2015, "Women are amazing creatures. We can give birth. We have a womb. We can create life! Are you kidding me? We can create life! ... I honestly didn't give a s**t about any of this [motherhood] stuff until about two years ago. I don't know whether it's my age, I'm going to be 28 in January, but all of a sudden I started thinking that if I had a daughter, it is gonna be terrifying."

Pattinson also told Jolie magazine (via E! News) that he "definitely" wanted to be a dad. 

T-Pain spilled the beans about their engagement

In April 2015, T-Pain accidentally let the cat out of the bag about Twigs and Pattinson's engagement, telling Vulture, "FKA Twigs, she's one of my favorite artists right now ... The first time we even met each other, we met in the studio. Her music's changed a lot since then. But she's on tour so much, and anytime I call her, she's in a different place. And she's engaged now, so that's about to be a whole other thing ... to ol' Patty [Pattinson]. I don't know if she wanted anybody to know that."

When the news went viral, T-Pain later told the outlet that it was an April Fool's joke. Mmm-hmm!

His fans bullied her

Pattinson's fans were notoriously cruel to Twigs, sending her hateful, racially-charged messages and comments on social media. 

She only responded to the hate directly once, tweeting in September 2014, "I am genuinely shocked and disgusted at the amount of racism that has been infecting my account the past week. Racism is unacceptable in the real world, and it's unacceptable online."

A year later, she told Complex, "I wouldn't say I'm completely numb to it now, but there's definitely a numbness there ... It is pretty horrible. But ultimately, I'm in an amazing relationship. So it doesn't matter." She also told The New York Times, "It's really hard — I can't begin to explain how awful it is ... It makes you want to just stop everything sometimes. It makes you want to smash your face into the mirror." She added that the cyber-bullying was "relentless ... There's no amount of songs I can sing or dances I can dance that will prove to them I'm not a monkey. I didn't see my life going this way at all. But it's worth it. I'm so happy."

Pattinson vented to shock jock Howard Stern in July 2017, "For whatever reason with Twilight ... there's like a crack group of crazies that think every single decision you're making is creating some kind of conspiracy ... so you kind of think, like, to protect it, 'I want to create a big boundary.'"

They drifted apart

Pattinson and Twigs were inseparable early in their relationship, but distance and hectic schedules reportedly put a kibosh on the romance.

A source told People in September 2015 that while Pattinson filmed The Lost City of Z (2016) in Ireland and Colombia, the actor barely had time to talk to Twigs. "They've definitely drifted and have barely spoken while he's in Belfast and she's been in the States," the source said.

They seemed to get back on track, but in October 2017, a source told The Sun,  that the pair had "really started to drift apart ... Rob is tired of it, has called off their engagement and told friends they have split. It's a difficult situation but things have become tough between them for some time and they both know they were no longer working as a couple."

The Katy Perry connection

Katy Perry and Pattinson have been pals for years, but the romance rumors about them never gained much traction ... until they were spotted together while he was dating Twigs. 

Perry insisted to Elle UK in 2013 (via Us Weekly), "He's my bud, I'm like his big sister. We just hang out. The other day, I said, 'One of the things I'm most proud of is not sleeping with you, Robert.' And that's true."

In November 2015, People reported that Perry was spotted at dinner with Twigs and Pattinson, which, combined with everything else, should have kept R-Pattz-Perry hookup rumors at bay — but it didn't.

In August 2017, Radar Online reported that Perry and Pattinson were spotted "being intimate" over dinner. "Rob has been leaning a lot on Katy since his split with FKA Twigs," a source told E! News. "They talk on the phone regularly and make sure to see each other when they both aren't away working. Katy has always been a good friend to Rob over the years and has been there for him emotionally ... They have many common interests and also both know how to have fun and party. Although they have been flirtatiously romantic, they have still remained good friends. Rob loves that Katy is a free spirit and she has given him good advice when it comes to relationships. Since Katy has been busy on tour, her and Rob will FaceTime and text when possible."

They were very private ... sort of

Pattinson and Twigs had a bit of a paradox about their privacy. Unlike his relationship with Stewart, Pattinson happily walked red carpets with Twigs, but they both refused to ever speak about the other in the press.

After news of the engagement broke in 2015, Twigs told Complex, "I'd rather not talk about it ... It's fine, I'm a pretty chill person, do you know what I mean? If you can't touch it, it's not real." She repeated, several times, "If you can't touch it, it's not real."

The same month, she told The Sunday Times, "Who told you I was getting married? You might read somewhere I'm a monkey and it doesn't mean I am ... [I am] not prepared to talk about my private life ... [I don't] really understand the fascination."

When Pattinson was asked about wedding plans in November 2016, he told People, "Planning what now?"

During a July 2017 interview with Howard Stern, Pattinson gushed that Twigs is "really talented," but when asked if they were engaged, he muttered, "Yeah, kind of."

In August 2017, when asked if he was getting married, Pattinson simply told GQ, "Eh."

They kept changing their wedding plans

In April 2015, shortly after news of the couple's engagement surfaced, insiders revealed that the pair could not see eye-to-eye on what their wedding would be like. A source told People that Pattinson's parents "would really like a church wedding," but that Twigs "wants something quite informal, like a pub wedding."

By August 2015, the wedding had been pushed back indefinitely allegedly because the couple couldn't decide what to do about the nuptials. "She talks about it keeping as real and low-key and then wants an elaborate glamorous Baroque affair," an insider told People. "She was even talking at one stage about having a masked ball ... It will now be bigger but how big, nobody's quite sure at this moment in time."

His family didn't love her

Pattinson's family members reportedly weren't fans of the girl he planned on marrying.

A source told OK! Magazine, "News that things aren't going well [in the relationship] has been met with relief [by Pattinson's family]. Rob's family are very polite to Twigs' face [but are] horrified by her raunchy on-stage persona and her piercings and tattoos. They'd prefer to see him with some conservative posh British woman."

The source added, "Twigs is smart enough to see through [their manners]. Twigs doesn't want to cause a family rift, [so the wedding is] off the agenda ... She feels it's best to just bow out of the situation gracefully."

An insider echoed those sentiments to Radar Online: "The Pattinsons are a very traditional family and they thought that she was a really sweet girl, but just not the one that they want their son to end up with ... Unfortunately, his family will always compare every girl he is with to Kristen Stewart. They really, really loved Kristen." 

Man, you'd think Pattison's fam would be more supportive of R-Pattz moving on from the girl who cheated on him and broke his heart publicly!

His friends thought she was a gold digger

While much of the world was bummed at Pattinson and Twigs' split, rumor has it that the actor's own pals were actually happy about the breakup because they believed Twigs was after R-Pattz's money.

"Robert and FKA Twigs are living like A-listers on a C-listers salary," an R-Pattz pal supposedly told Radar Online in February 2015. "He has always lived large and spends money like there is no end, but the truth of the matter is that his fortune is shrinking because he is no longer a franchise star ... his spending habits are the same as when he was earning big bucks, so there's a real shortfall."

"Rob is not working right now because he is so focused on her. He insists on paying for everything because that is the kind of guy that Rob is," the source added, noting, "FKA is not a dumb girl and she knows how to work men and has even been called a gold-digger by people who know her ... They both spoil each other, but she has pennies compared to the kind of money he has."

He rebounded quickly

Just a month after Pattinson and Twigs' October 2017 split made headlines, the Good Time actor was spotted with someone new.

The Daily Mail reported that Pattinson was spotted with an as-yet-unnamed blonde leaving the Chateau Marmont together after a GO Campaign event.

It's unclear what, if anything, came of that outing, but in December 2017, a spy told Us Weekly that Pattinson was with an unidentified blonde at a holiday party in Los Angeles. "They were together all night," the witness said. "I saw them holding hands."

Seeing as no one seems to be too sure who this mystery blonde is, only time will reveal if it was the same girl both nights or if Pattinson has been playing the field.

She's already been linked to a male model

In August 2017 — before her split from Pattinson was announced — Twigs was photographed in Ibiza, Spain, with a male model named Brieuc Breitenstein, reported the Daily Mail. Breitenstein and Twigs weren't overtly affectionate, but they were rather close in photos. He appeared to be nuzzling her hair and whispering in her ears.

They might reunite someday

Sources close to the former couple think there's still hope for Twigs and R-Pattz. 

An insider told People, "I think they will eventually get back together. He still loves her and I think that's the girl he wants to marry." The source added that Twigs still has her engagement ring, noting, "It's not out of the realm of possibility that they could get back together and it's more like they are taking a break. It's not like he asked for the ring. She still has it."

A source also told The Sun of the split, "With so much ­history between them, though, there are still strong feelings there."