Body Language Expert Identifies True Emotions Behind Casey Anthony's Interview Facade - Exclusive

Casey Anthony is back in the headlines after Peacock announced that a three-part documentary series titled "Casey Anthony: Where the Truth Lies" is set to premiere on November 29. (As you may recall, Casey was initially tried for the gruesome murder of her two-year-old daughter Caylee Anthony, but was later found not guilty by a jury and was released after serving nearly three years in prison. Still, questions surrounded the bizarre case and in the court of public opinion many believed the young mother to be a cold-blooded killer.)

"Why talk to me now when you're not getting creative control?" an interviewer asks Casey in the official teaser for the documentary as Casey fidgets with her hair and smooths her clothing. Great question, no? Still, the series' director and showrunner Alexandra Dean is adamant Casey stands to gain a lot by way of public perception for her participation in the project. "Since her acquittal in 2011, public opinion of Casey Anthony has been largely shaped by the media convinced of her guilt," Dean said in a statement, per Variety. "What emerges over the course of multiple interviews recorded over six months is a startling psychological portrait of Casey Anthony and a complete narrative of what she says happened to her daughter weighed against multiple sources of potential evidence."

But what about all of Casey's nervous fidgeting in the clip of the trailer? Nicki Swift spoke with human behavior and body language expert Mark Bowden to break it all down for you.

Body language expert says Casey Anthony is 'aware of the image she wants to portray'

Famously acquitted Casey Anthony is on a mission to portray her innocence in Peacock's upcoming documentary, "Casey Anthony: Where the Truth Lies."

According to body language expert and panelist on The Behavior Panel, Mark Bowden, Anthony's body language conveys that she is acutely aware of the image she wishes to portray in the series. "In the very short footage, we see first of Anthony with pursed lips grooming her hair in preparation for the video. The lips say that there are withheld thoughts," Bowden observed. But that's not all. Bowden also noted that the "sharp intake of air," the way "she flicks back her hair," and how she "closes her eyes and her neck muscles contract" all convey "a transition of preparing and protecting herself for an attack." And as it turns out, Anthony's "doe eyes" could also be a calculated move to portray her innocence "as they mimic the proportions of a child's eyes to the head." But Bowden also said that while most of Casey's body language strikes him as a direct plea for sympathy, there was one particular moment in the clip that might not have been as strategic — precisely when asked why she opted to participate in the documentary in the first place.

Body language expert says Casey Anthony may have more than one motivation for doing the documentary

Body language expert Mark Bowden believes that Casey Anthony may have other motivations for participating in the new Peacock documentary, outside of proclaiming her innocence in the murder of her two-year-old daughter, Caylee Anthony. 

"Her mouth then signals on one side duping delight, on the other contempt and all with the lips compressed in a signal of a negative feeling for the situation," Bowden observed about Casey's body language after being asked why she wanted to do the interview. "Anthony knows that this interview will be harsh, and she feels the stress. She knows she needs to present herself sympathetically. This seems reasonable," Bowden explained. "But the micro-expressions that can signal both the delight in deceit and contempt for the situation suggests that she may have other ideas at play," he pointed out. "Only by seeing more will we be able to better analyze the truth, lies, and motivations here."

Don't forget to tune in on November 29 — only on Peacock!