Singer Taylor Dayne Gets Candid About Her Harrowing Experience With Cancer

Taylor Dayne has an update about her health. The singer, who is known for her hit single "Love Will Lead You Back," has been very open about her mental health struggles as a child and even as an adult as well. Dayne detailed a lot of the trauma she endured in her 2019 memoir, "Tell It to My Heart: How I Lost My S#*t, Conquered My Fear and Found My Voice" and revealed how her environment affected her physically. 

"The anger and the tension that was in the home had to go somewhere," she told the New York Post. "It led me to having real difficulty with my bladder and kidneys. That burning goes somewhere," she continued. In addition, Dayne also revealed she's been suffering from anxiety and panic attacks since she was a teenager. "Your world gets a little smaller as you determine that's not safe, that's not safe, being there is not safe, leaving my home is not safe," the Grammy-nominated artist said during an interview with Lifestyle Magazine. "It can get as bad as that."

Although Dayne has managed to overcome so many difficulties in her life, she recently dropped on a bombshell regarding an alarming health diagnosis. 

Taylor Dayne felt 'locked inside' her own body

Taylor Dayne revealed to "Good Morning America" that she was diagnosed with colon cancer in July after doctors found a polyp during her annual colonoscopy. "Life is precious," she told the outlet. Dayne confessed she was devastated at the news and her mind immediately went blank. "He never even said the stage," she explained. However, in that moment, Dayne found solace in knowing she was on top of her regular checkups. "All I could do is [think], 'Okay, five months ago, I know there was nothing. So this is early detection." 

According to the Colon Cancer Coalition, colon cancer "is most common among people aged 50 and older but can occur in patients as young as teenagers." Get screened regularly can provide a greater chance for a cure. The "I'll Always Love You" singer ultimately had surgery to get rid of the aggressive cancer and in the process doctors had to cut off 10 inches of her colon. 

Although the musician's procedure went well, she was required to be hospitalized for over two weeks after she suffering several difficulties after surgery. "I felt like I was four years old again back in the hospital, basically locked inside my own body without a voice," Dayne told "Good Morning America." "This has challenged me mentally, emotionally." Dayne is now a big advocate for getting routine checkups. "Find the doctor that will tell you the truth," she added. "Be a warrior for yourself."