The Tragic Death Of Survivor Star Roger Sexton

"Survivor" star Roger Sexton has died after a bout with dementia, TMZ has reported. He was 76. Sexton's family revealed that he died on October 26 at his daughter's house surrounded by family. His obituary also noted that the reality television personality was suffering from Lewy Body Dementia. According to Mayo Clinic, that type of dementia is very common and "causes a progressive decline in mental abilities."

Sexton joined the Season 6 cast of "Survivor: The Amazon" in 2003 at 56 years old which was pretty impressive considering his fellow cast members were a lot younger, per Entertainment Weekly. However, the California native was determined to prove that he could go up against anyone. "I'm very physically capable," he said during a CBS pre-game interview. "These young macho guys, I think I can outperform them quite frankly," Sexton continued. "I'm very intense, very competitive, and at the same time I'm a very emotional guy." 

The California native surprisingly ended up lasting 21 days on the competition series. And, although it's been almost nearly two decades since Sexton was on TV, fans have already started to share their condolences for the late star on social media. 

Fans are devastated at the news of Roger Sexton's death

Roger Sexton will be greatly missed. As his family continues to mourn his death, "Survivor" fans are also grieving. "He was my favorite cast member that season bc of his sweetness and great attitude and heart," one fan tweeted. "We are very saddened to hear the news about the passing of Roger Sexton from Survivor: Amazon. May he rest in eternal peace," a "Survivor" fan page commented

And, while Sexton's way of thinking during his season didn't always sit well with his fellow cast members or viewers, everyone was equally heartbroken by the news. "Though I hardly agreed on any of his views, he was a unique character and an essential part of one of my favorite Survivor seasons," one user added. "Rest In Peace, tonight's long distance dedication is for you."

Although Sexton's rise to fame began after appearing on the show "Survivor," he was actually known for something much more honorable. According to The Sun, Sexton was a former Marine who served in the Vietnam war. He is also survived by his daughter, wife, two sisters, and grandchildren.