Jim Carrey Is Apparently Now Banned From Entering Russia

We sure hope Jim Carrey wasn't planning a holiday vacation in Moscow any time soon, as the actor famous for "Ace Ventura: Pet Detective," "The Mask," and "Dumb and Dumber" is officially banned from entering that country. Carrey joins a long list of individuals the Russian government has barred from entering their country, including 99 other Canadians and a whopping 963 Americans. 

According to The Washington Post, the list of American citizens who have recently been banned from Russia range from the likes of President Joe Biden and Vice President Kamala Harris (makes sense) to Senator John McCain (who is dead) to beloved screen actor Morgan Freeman (huh?). The country's sanctions against individuals are presumably in response to the war in Ukraine, and America's support for the Ukrainian cause. Now, in response to the Canadian government issuing sanctions against Russia, the government has banned 100 Canadian citizens, including Carrey. Was the comedian a threat to the Russian government? Does President Vladimir Putin just not like his face? 

Jim Carrey and 99 other Canadians were banned from Russia

Unfortunately, the Russian government isn't known for being super expansive with the details, so all we know is that Jim Carrey is one of 100 Canadian citizens banned from the country. ABC News reports that along with Carrey, "The Handmaid's Tale" author Margaret Atwood is another Canadian on the list, as well as Amy Knight, who is described as a KGB historian by the outlet. According to ABC, the Russian Foreign Ministry said that the 100 individuals on the list have been banned for their participation in the "formation of (Canada's) aggressively anti-Russian course."

We'll never know for sure unless we ask President Putin directly, but if we had to guess what makes Carrey a part of Canada's "aggressively anti-Russian course," we'd say it might have something to do with this tweet. "In Daniel Roher's doc 'Navalny,' one brave man and his family stand up against intolerable evil," Carrey wrote with a link to the doc. "Navalny himself exposes Czar Putin and his soulless minions in their fiendish conspiracy to poison him, suppress the truth and intimidate the Russian people."

Just a guess.