Savannah Chrisley Makes Unexpected Claims About Her Ex-Boyfriend, NBA Star Luke Kennard

Savannah Chrisley and NBA star Luke Kennard dated for four months before reportedly calling it quits in August 2017, perĀ E! News. In a statement, the "Chrisley Knows Best" star alluded to possible infidelity, saying, "it was best to part as friends rather than deal with the pressures of wondering if you are the only one." Just a few months after their break-up, Kennard reunited with his ex-girlfriend, Anna Castro, according to the New York Post, and their relationship proved to be more than just a rebound. After dating again for five years, the pair ended up tying the knot in August 2022. Chrisley, however, isn't convinced their marriage will last.

On a November 2022 episode of her "Unlocked" podcast, Chrisley got candid about her breakup with NBA star Luke Kennard, telling fans she caught him being unfaithful while on vacation with her family. While the "Growing Up Chrisley" star didn't name drop, she did give fans enough context to pinpoint Kennard as the ex she's referring to.

During the interview, Chrisley admitted her breakup with Kennard has been "the hardest" relationship for her to "let go of." She also claimed the basketball star is bound to "go through a divorce," as he never stopped messaging her, even after getting engaged to his now-wife, Anna Castro. As the podcast went on, it was clear the reality star was not holding back about her former relationship and her thoughts on Kennard.

Savannah Chrisley claims Luke Kennard was unfaithful

During a November 2022 episode of her "Unlocked" podcast, Savannah Chrisley made some unexpected claims about ex-boyfriend Luke Kennard. The reality star revealed that while she was vacationing in the Cayman Islands with Kennard and her family, she found something devastating on the basketball star's phone. After opening up a Snapchat with a mystery girl's name, Chrisley found messages that insinuated the NBA star was cheating, at least on an emotional level. "I just remember being devastated ... it's the only time in my life I've seen Todd Chrisley speechless," she said.

The reality star added, "The person I dated did all the crying, begging ... he was now signing a contract with the NBA... and now has all this money. I wish he would've had enough respect to say 'Hey I can't be in a relationship right now,' like I said, that's been the hardest one for me to let go of."

"I'm telling you, this guy, he is going to go through a divorce because he was messaging me, trying to get me to meet him when they played against the Mavs... days before they got engaged. And then literally, after they got engaged he was still attempting to message me. And I told him, I was like 'Hey make sure you're doing the right thing.'" Kennard seems to keep his relationship offline, but he did post about his wedding in August 2022 on Instagram. As of this writing, has yet to publicly respond to Chrisley's claims.