Ryan Reynolds Is Adamant About The Career Path He Doesn't Want For His Kids

In October 2021, Ryan Reynolds announced that he was going on a "sabbatical" from acting. "I'm just trying to create a little bit more space for my family," he told The Hollywood Reporter about his decision to step away from the big screen for a little bit. "You know, you don't really get that time back." He also added that he would still be working on other projects but wouldn't be filming.

He elaborated a little more on the matter in an interview with LinkedIn News. "I want my kids to have a pretty normal schedule," he said. He mentioned that with his children in school, he believes it's time to settle down and focus on raising them. "I think it's totally important for their development and I really enjoy being a present dad," he said. The "Deadpool" actor has also expressed his thoughts on welcoming a fourth child into his family. "It's gonna be nuts!" he told Entertainment Tonight. "But we're very excited." He also mentioned that his three daughters, whom he shares with his wife Blake Lively, are excited for their new sibling to be born.

While Reynolds and Lively may have found passion in their work, Reynolds has revealed that he wants their children to avoid one particular career path right now. 

Ryan Reynolds doesn't want his children to be child actors

In 2015, when Ryan Reynolds and Blake Lively welcomed their first daughter, the "Free Guy" actor already made up his mind about the industry he wanted his daughter to stay away from. "I worry that my daughter's going to want to go into show business," he told Today. "I like to whisper in her ear, like, 'Really normal, everyday jobs.'" He also added that if his daughter wanted to be a Dallas Cowboys cheerleader, it would be a hard "no" from him.

It seems that Reynolds has the same stance for all of his children now that his fourth child is on the way. "Putting a kid in a business like this, it's generally not about the kid," he told People. However, he mentioned that when his children are older and can make decisions on their own, they would be free to "do whatever the hell they want." He added, "Our job [as parents] is to foster as much interest in as many different things as possible at this point."

Reynolds and Lively's children have already been in the spotlight a little bit, as their names — James, Inez, and Betty — are characters in Taylor Swift's track "Betty." The "Red Notice" actor called it "an honor" in a SiriusXM interview. "We thought it was pretty, pretty damn amazing," he admitted.