Drew Barrymore Gets TMI About Her Past Bedroom Antics

Drew Barrymore is a great example of someone who's turned her hardships into a success story. Barrymore had a dangerous lifestyle as a kid, acting from 11 months old and not being protected at a young age. In her memoir, "Wildflower," Barrymore explained how her mother took her to Studio 54 (a notorious nightclub) instead of school and allowed the child actor to become "out of control" (via The Guardian). She emancipated herself from her mother at 14, growing up even faster. But she now has a mega-popular talk show and has become one of the best feel-good stars of today.

With Barrymore's move to transform her life for the better, she's very conscious of her choices. The "Charlie's Angels" star wrote a blog post on why she hadn't explored a sexual relationship with anyone since her 2016 split from Will Kopelman. "I am just in a completely different place in my life and maybe in the near future I will get into a relationship ... but it simply hasn't been my priority," she wrote. "So I'm not a person who needs sex and has to go out there and engage with people on that level." She applauded people who did the opposite after a marriage, but she needed to hit pause to process for herself. "It took time," she wrote. "I'm proud of myself that I took that time." However, that doesn't mean she hates sex or that she hasn't explored some very interesting bedroom antics.

Drew Barrymore says she was a 'dirty bird' in the bedroom

On the most recent episode of Drew Barrymore's "Drew's News" podcast, the actor shared just how much experience she's has been in the bedroom (via ET). "I'm a dirty bird ... but just in the corners of my mind where I never will tell and it's just for me," she said. "I can understand certain kinky things ... Listen, I've tried everything. I've done everything — that's why I'm so boring now." She didn't get into specifics with her co-host Ross Matthews, but she did say she doesn't know if she liked anything in particular, she just "wanted to try everything" thanks to her former self's energy.

But despite her past and her post about being celibate for now, Barrymore is not an anti-intimacy advocate. "So for the record, I do not hate sex!" she wrote in another blog post after her first one (via Entertainment Weekly). "I have just finally come to the epiphany that love and sex are simply not the same thing." She wrote that she's calmer now, and her partying lifestyle are in her past, again, coming from Barrymore's tumultuous childhood where she had drinking problem by 11 years old and was a self-identified drug addict by age 12. Having kids of her own also changed her outlook on life. Barrymore told People in 2020 that she didn't "know the meaning of my life until I met them."