Joy-Anna Duggar Forsyth's Sex Reveal For Baby No. 3 Took Her By Surprise

Joy-Anna Duggar's fourth pregnancy is bumpin' right along. In early October, the former "Counting On" star took to Instagram to announce that she's expecting again. Her post included photos of her family posing with her ultrasound photo and she has since continued using social media to keep fans updated on her pregnancy.

Shortly before Duggar shared a video of her gender reveal party (more on that in a moment), she revealed that her pregnancy cravings include peanut butter M&M's, tortilla chips, and pre-packaged queso straight from the container. "This Pregnant Mama Every Night after the kids go to bed!" she captioned an Instagram video that showed her indulging in her sweet-and-savory snack blend.

This will be Duggar and Forsyth's third child. Between their oldest, Gideon, and their youngest, Evelyn, Duggar suffered a miscarriage 20 weeks into her pregnancy. When she shared the sad update on Instagram in 2019, she revealed she learned the devastating news that her baby no longer had a heartbeat when she went in for an ultrasound. But she had reason to celebrate the following year when she discovered she was expecting again, and her family threw a huge gender reveal party that will be hard to top: They had pink confetti dumped from a helicopter — a moment Duggar and Forsyth made sure to film for their YouTube channel. Their latest gender reveal party was more low-key, but there was a big surprise in store for the mom-to-be.

Joy-Anna Duggar wasn't expecting another boy

In a YouTube video, Joy-Anna Duggar revealed that her older sister, Jana Duggar, was given the honor of learning the baby's sex before everyone else — and she was also tasked with figuring out how to fill balloons with pink and blue confetti and powder for the gender reveal party. The filled balloons were then tacked onto a giant dartboard and the Forsyth family took turns throwing darts at them (above). When Joy-Anna and Austin Forsyth saw that more balloons filled with the blue mixture had been popped, they knew they were having a boy.

Joy-Anna's parents, Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar, previously guessed that she was having a girl, and this was also her prediction. "I am completely shocked. I like 100 percent thought it was a girl, convinced myself it was a girl," said Joy-Anna. "I was waiting for two of those balloons to be pink and they weren't. ... I'm so happy." Forsyth revealed that he was also surprised. "If it was a girl I'd be just as happy, but I'm really glad that Gideon is going to have a little brother," he said.

Another surprise? The presence of Joy-Anna's sister, Jill Duggar, at the party. A member of the DuggarsSnark subreddit spotted Jill seated near Jim Bob. In a 2020 interview with People, Jill said her relationship with her parents had become strained after she and husband Derick Dillard decided to leave "Counting On."