Reality Star Feuds That Got Out Of Hand

There's nothing that can make you tune into a reality show more than seeing two cast members go head to head. Those unforgettable dramatic moments have us glued to the screen with popcorn in hand. The excitement of these moments comes from never being able to predict what will happen next. Across many shows, these reality stars have taken us on a roller coaster ride of emotions that we gladly strap ourselves in for, season after season. 

As reality television continues to grow, so have the feuds. Sometimes the bad blood between cast members has more twists and turns than an episode of "Days of Our Lives." Some hold on to a feud while others have struggled with letting go of fame. When a feud gets too ugly, sometimes the drama spills out into real life. At this point we've seen lawsuits, assault charges, and stars even refusing to film with one another. Despite it making good television, sometimes things go too far. Here are a few reality show feuds that have gotten out of hand. Grab your popcorn and let's take a trip down memory lane. 

Phaedra Parks' feud with Kandi Burruss got her fired

On "The Real Housewives of Atlanta," to earn the coveted peach you need to bring the drama. Kandi Burruss and Phaedra Parks always served up the drama and brought the laughs. However, the friendship between the two ladies hit the point of no return during Season 9. After Parks felt Burruss took her ex-husband's side during their divorce, she retaliated by spreading rumors about her amongst the cast. 

She somehow was able to convince Porsha Williams that Burruss and her husband had planned to drug and have sex with her. Despite denying she started the rumors, things escalated during the reunion when she was exposed as the main source. An emotional Burruss confronted her and spoke about how those allegations hurt her feelings and tarnished her brand. "You should understand that drugging somebody and taking them home is rape," she tearfully told Parks. "Ya'll accused me of being a f**king rapist!" A remorseless Parks deflected all the blame. "I repeated it because I heard it. Something was brought to me. I just repeated it. I repeated what someone told me," she said

Parks was later fired from the show, but the feud between the two ladies is still ongoing. As of writing, there are rumors that Parks is set to return to the popular franchise, which Burruss is not too excited about. She recently told People that reuniting with Parks is something she doesn't want to do.

CT and Adam's feud got brutal

When reminiscing on the greatest moments shown on "The Challenge," Chris "C.T." Tamburello and Adam King's feud tops the list. Their feud started on "The Real World: Paris" where they bumped heads frequently throughout the season. The tension between the two started with King spreading rumors around the house about Tamburello's relationship. 

On that season, their issues were never resolved. Tamburello even screamed during one episode, "Bottom line is, I don't like you, you don't like me. Let's leave it at that, bro." On "The Challenge" things between them only got worse. In Season 17, issues from Tamburello's personal life began to affect his behavior on the show. Months before filming, his brother was killed, and his long-term relationship with Diem Brown fell apart. 

Rumors began spreading through the house that Tamburello hooked up with another contestant, which upset Brown. Similar to "The Real World: Paris," Tamburello once again felt like King was responsible. A drunk Tamburello confronted him and soon enough, one of the biggest fights on the show erupts. He brutally attacked King and chased him around the house. Though his infamous line, "I'll smash his head and eat it," made viewers laugh, both Tamburello and King were sent home. The two enemies were later paired up on "The Challenge: Rivals," where they shockingly performed well together. They ended up losing right before the finals, and it's been speculated that King purposely performed terribly, something he has denied.

Ashley Mitchell got revenge on Hunter Barfield

Exes don't always make good friends, but they do make a great partner. On "The Challenge: Final Reckoning," Ashley Mitchell and Hunter Barfield were teammates. The exes definitely had unresolved issues from their brief relationship that caused them to bicker constantly. However, the two managed to perform well together during the daily challenges and landed the spot in the final. 

The grueling final had one condition: whichever partner performed the best would get to choose to keep the money for themselves or share their earnings with their partner. In a shocking moment, Mitchell dramatically revealed that she would be keeping the money for herself, leaving Barfield absolutely devastated. Her reasoning was that during the season, Barfield slut-shamed her and threatened her family. Barfield denied these claims, but the camera doesn't lie. MTV aired a flashback of Barfield speaking to the men of the house after finding out Mitchell slept with another contestant. "All I'm saying is, if this stupid f**king s**t is gonna cost me a half a million dollars, then I'm coming for her family," he said. 

In a 2018 interview with People, Mitchell explained that she didn't think twice about making that power move, but a part of her still had empathy for him. "I felt really, really bad for him and his family that's gonna be watching. I didn't feel like he deserved that," she explained, "but I feel like I deserved the million dollars."

Monique and Candiace went from friends to throwing fists

Housewives on Bravo throwing drinks on each other isn't new, but on "The Real Housewives of Potomac," the ladies threw drinks and fists during an epic trip to a winery. In Season 5, the blossoming friendship between Monique Samuels and Candiace Dillard hit a rough patch that was hard to come back from. Samuels believed Dillard betrayed her by inviting her arch-nemesis, Charrisse Jackson-Jordan, to an anniversary party. 

After failing to smooth things over, a tense vibe between the two festered throughout the season. It all came to a head when Dillard confronted Samuels for her shady behavior during a girls' trip and the two began arguing. Hair pulling and glass throwing soon followed, and Samuels even chased her around the winery. As the season continued to film, the two ladies filed police reports on each other, both alleging they were victims of assault, per E! News. The second-degree assault charges against both of them were later dismissed. Samuels later released a diss track titled "Drag Queens." 

During the reunion, they struggled to make amends. Dillard blamed Samuels for leaking the story about the fight to the press and lying about who initiated it. Samuels denied talking to the blogs and admitted that she was triggered by Dillard's hand in her face. The explosive reunion was the last time fans got to see Samuels on "RHOP," as she quit the show right after the reunion aired.

Danielle Staub and Margaret Josephs got physical

The ladies of "The Real Housewives of New Jersey" know how to get under each other's skin. Danielle Staub and Margaret Josephs seemed to be thick as thieves in Season 9 when Staub asked her to be a bridesmaid in her wedding. Leading up to the wedding, the Josephs struggled with putting up with Staub being too much of a bridezilla. "She is demanding. It was tough. She was definitely bridezilla-central, I'm not gonna lie," Josephs admitted on "The Daily Dish" podcast

The feud between the two only got worse during a girls' trip to Cabo. They began hurling personal insults at one another, which resulted in Josephs throwing wine at Staub. It wasn't the last time these ladies faced off, either. The following season, Staub experienced a bit of deja-vu. During an argument, Josephs once again poured a drink on her. Instead of wine, this time it was water and Staub wasn't having it. She grabbed Josephs' belongings and destroyed them. 

Before making a dramatic exit with the help of Teresa Guidice, Staub grabbed Josephs' ponytail and gave it a Jersey-style tug. The feud between these two is still ongoing, and Staub has zero remorse. When asked if she regrets the hair-pulling, she answered bluntly. "I was backed into a corner and I just — I was done. I'm done with her ... Regrets? Hell no," she later told Bravo. "My only regret is not doing it sooner."

Karen Gravano never forgave Drita D'Avanzo

In "Mob Wives," the bad blood between Drita D'Avanzo and Karen Gravano made for amazing television. D'Avanzo and Gravano were childhood friends (depending on whom you ask) but the source of their feud goes back to a man. D'Avanzo married Gravano's ex-boyfriend, Lee, and that was something the two could never seem to get past. Gravano believes that D'Avanzo violated girl code by doing that, per Hollywood Life.

Throughout every season of the show, the women couldn't be in the same room for more than five seconds without fists flying. In Season 1, the two attempted to clear the air about the boyfriend situation, but it led to a nasty brawl on a rooftop. Both women accused each other of lying and sleeping with each other's boyfriends. The feud between the two included multiple arguments throughout other seasons and one final fight during the last episode. When D'Avanzo walked in the room for the final episode, she didn't even say hello before lunging at Gravano. Even as the cameras stopped rolling, these two "Mob Wives" still remain at odds. 

"Drita is a fraud," Gravano told Radar in 2016 as the final season aired. "She's a fake. She knows everything that she did."

Kenya Moore called the police on Porsha Williams

When tuning into "The Real Housewives of Atlanta" you can always count on a shady argument between Porsha Williams and Kenya Moore. Their long-running feud started in Season 5 when Williams referred to Moore as "Miss America." Moore, who is proudly the former Miss USA 1993, took great offense and never let it go. The shade-fest continued on in Season 6, as the two ladies took aim at each other's relationships. 

Moore accused Williams of cheating on her husband, and Williams accused her of having a fake relationship. During the Season 6 reunion, their feud took a dramatic turn. Things quickly went off the rails as Moore pulled out props and pointed them in Williams' face. Williams didn't find the humor in it and got up and pulled Moore's hair. The two ladies tussled to the ground before being separated. 

Following the fight, Moore filed a police report and Williams was charged with assault, per TMZ. The reality star later apologized for her actions, explaining to Us Weekly, "I was pushed too far with objects waved in my face and my personal space was continuously violated, and I reacted in a way which I am not proud of." It took some years, but their relationship seemed to improve after becoming mothers around the same time. "Motherhood definitely gave us something in common that is a new experience for both of us," Williams told Us Weekly in 2019.

Johnny Bananas turned on Sarah Rice

Johnny Bananas is no stranger to being the villain on "The Challenge." His feud with Sarah Rice earned him that tile. After Rice betrayed him in a previous season, the feud was born. They were later paired up on "The Challenge: Rivals III" and seemed to mend their friendship. They apologized to one another and dominated together. Unsurprisingly, they made it to the finals and won. Since Johnny Bananas completed the checkpoints faster, he was tasked with a major decision: Does he share the prize money with Rice or keep the $275,000 for himself? 

In the shocking moment, he announces that he's keeping the money. On "The Bill Simmons Podcast," Bananas later claimed their new friendship wasn't what it looked like. "People want to make it out like, 'Oh, but you guys became such good friends.' That was television," he explained. He went on to suggest that if the roles were reversed, Rice would've stole the money from him. 

Rice has never forgiven him. She alleged that Bananas cheated during the final and producers covered it up. "[Producers] caught him with Adderall, and he beat me on a Challenge where you had to stay up all night," she explained on the "Mike Lewis Podcast." She added, "[At] the finish line, right before TJ [Lavin] announces, you know who won, the crew searched his jacket and found Adderall that he didn't have a prescription for. He was taking [it] the whole season to give him an edge ..."

Reza and Mercedes' feud got personal

At the core of "Shahs of Sunset" is friendship ... and drama. Lifelong friends Reza Farahan and Mercedes Javid appeared on the show and always had each other's back. However, in Season 8, the two friends were at odds. After giving birth, Javid suffered life-threatening complications that kept her in the hospital. She noted that Farahan didn't visit her, which upset her. 

Farahan's relationship was under fire due to rumors that his husband was cheating on him and he speculated that Javid was the source of the nasty rumors. During this time, the two avoided each other, but they soon came face-to-face at a pool party. The confrontation got brutal, with the two slinging nasty insults at each other. At one point, Farahan stood on a balcony and shouted her secrets in front of the entire party. "You had ten abortions!" he screamed. "Your uterus exploded because you had ten abortions!" 

Farahan's vicious words came back to him bite him when Javid's husband, Tommy Feight, showed up at his house. In an attempt to defend his wife, Feight destroyed property outside of Farahan's home, which resulted in Farahan filing a restraining order against him. The friendship between the two remained strained following that. Feight declared that even if Javid's friendship with Farahan got to a better place, he did not want Farahan around his child. However, at BravoCon in 2022, Javid revealed that they're all in a better place.

Teresa Guidice and Danielle Staub's feud started with a table flip

"The Real Housewives of New Jersey" kicked off with a memorable debut season filled with drama. Most of the drama surrounded Danielle Staub. The ladies on the show had questions about her past after reading about her in the book "Cop Without a Badge," per Teresa Guidice in particular considered her shady and confronted her about it during an infamous dinner scene. 

As Staub attempted to explain, Guidice began shouting that she's a "prostitution w**re [who was] f**ing engaged 19 times" and flipped a table. Thus, their infamous feud was born. The feud between the two ladies spilled over into Season 2, and during the reunion, they once again had a heated confrontation. When Staub brought up Guidice's nephew, she stormed over to her and shouted in her face. In a hilarious moment, host Andy Cohen attempted to restrain Guidice, who flung him off of her with ease. 

When Staub returned to the show during Seasons 8 and 9, viewers were shocked that the two enemies were finally in a good place. In 2018, Staub told the Daily Mail, "We speak more than once a day. We're legitimately friends, it was something that was worth salvaging and has turned into the relationship it should have always been." However, the Jersey girls didn't keep the peace for long. While filming Season 10, a source told Us Weekly the ladies were at odds once again and unfollowed each other.

Paris Hilton and Nicole Richie's feud wasn't simple

The friendship between Paris Hilton and Nicole Richie went from "That's hot!" to "Ouch!" The two besties took over television with their hit show "The Simple Life," but it wasn't long before things got icy between the two. It's been rumored that the main cause of their feud can be traced back to a one shady moment. When Hilton got the coveted gig of hosting "Saturday Night Live," Richie reportedly hosted a party. According to People, instead of screening the episode, Richie turned around and screened Hilton's infamous sex tape instead. "It's no big secret that Nicole and I are no longer friends," Hilton said in a statement to the outlet. "Nicole knows what she did, and that's all I'm ever going to say about it." 

At the time, Richie blamed their fallout on herself simply outgrowing Hilton and wanting to settle down. However, their feud wasn't good for business. The two still had a hit television show to film. To avoid filming with her new nemesis, Hilton attempted to get producers to replace Richie with her friend, Kimberly Stewart. "It's my show; I've had it three seasons, and I just want to freshen it up — make it newer and funner," Hilton explained, per USA Today. The New York Post reported in 2006 that in an effort to keep the show running, producers were forced to shift the format so the ladies would film separately.

Amber and Farrah brought drama to Teen Mom

Amber Portwood and Farrah Abraham are two people from "Teen Mom" who aren't shy to controversy. It's no surprise that these two controversial figures would have problems with each other. In 2016, the two faced off during the "Teen Mom OG" reunion. Dr. Drew Pinsky confronted Abraham and her boyfriend Simon Saran about past comments they made about Portwood's fiance, Matt Baier. 

Abraham previously called him a pedophile for dating someone 20 years younger than him. When questioned about how hurtful the comment could be, Abraham brushed it off. "Well, I'm sorry that Matt probably looks like it," she retorted. It wasn't long before Portwood stormed the stage and confronted Abraham. "Just because somebody's 20 years older than you doesn't mean he's a f***ing pedophile," Portwood yelled while getting in Abraham's face. "Shut your f***ing mouth, do you understand me? I'm going to stand up for my man!" Portwood's fiance and Abraham's father even began tussling with one another. Chaos then erupted on stage with production trying to restrain everyone from fighting one another. 

In 2017, Abraham sent a cease and desist letter to her "Teen Mom" co-star, according to E! News. Portwood alleged she never received it, telling the outlet, "Not only am I unaware of any cease and desist being sent, it's also rather unnecessary." In 2022, the two appeared on "Teen Mom: Family Reunion" and had a much more peaceful chat about family life.

Sammi Sweetheart vs. Jenni and Snooki

During Season 2 of Jersey Shore, Ronnie Ortiz-Magro learned a valuable lesson: What happens on the Jersey Shore does not stay on the shore. In fact, Nicole "Snooki" Polizzi and Jenni "JWoww" Farley might just write a note about it. Sammi "Sweetheart" Giancola's feud with the duo stemmed from her relationship with Ortiz-Magro. 

The ladies voiced their dislike for the relationship, and after writing the infamous anonymous letter detailing Ortiz-Magro's cheating, the feud reached new heights. Giancola considered the girls anonymously writing the letter a shady move. The tension boiled over, and in typical "Jersey Shore" fashion, Farley and Giancola got into a physical altercation. Ironically, Giancola later forgave her boyfriend for cheating, but took longer to forgive the girls for telling her about it. The following season, the girls got into another fist fight, and they never had a peaceful summer at the shore again. When the spin-off "Jersey Shore: Family Vacation" aired in 2018, Giancola took to her Instagram to announce that she would not participate in the show. 

In an interview with E! News in 2022, Snooki revealed that Giancola still doesn't have much love for her. "I went to go message her a while ago and she blocked me," she said. "I don't know what I did. It's unfortunate because we would love for her to come back." During a 2021 Q&A video on her YouTube channel, Farley revealed that she is in a more cordial place with Giancola.

The infamous Lauren and Heidi feud

The feud between Lauren Conrad and Heidi Montag is something fans of "The Hills" watched happen in real time. The ladies kicked off the show in 2006 being real friends living their dreams. However, when Montag began dating Spencer Pratt, their friendship suffered. Fans of the show remember Pratt as the main villain, mostly for spreading rumors about Conrad. In 2009, Conrad revealed that the rumors about her alleged sex tape came from Pratt. During one memorable episode, the two confronted each other and Conrad references the rumors, telling Montag, "You know what you did!" 

The ladies struggled to move past the drama despite having tearjerking moments throughout the series. "You were my best friend," Conrad told her through tears later in the series. "But then you started dating this person who did really means thing to me, and I don't know what to do because I don't like him." In the end, their friendship was never the same. 

In 2021, Montag reignited their feud by shading her former friend's career on the "Call Her Daddy" podcast. "She is not where she should have been at all. She has a Kohl's line, great, whatever," Montag said. "But she should be a hundred-millionaire. Are you kidding me?" Montag even went on to claim that Conrad was so upset about her dating Pratt that she even threatened to kick her off of "The Hills" during filming.