Here's How Far Savannah Chrisley Really Got In School

While some celebs have dropped out of high school, setting their qualifications aside in favor of pursuing their careers, many have gone on to earn undergraduate degrees and beyond. There are even some celebs that have gone to Ivy League schools. Reality television star Savannah Chrisley's educational journey has been featured publicly on a few occasions, including on the television series "Chrisley Knows Best" and its spin-off, "Growing up Chrisley." Her dad Todd Chrisley told OK! magazine about Savannah's attitude toward her education, explaining that she is "extremely academic."

Because of this, it probably doesn't come as much of a surprise that Savannah decided to pursue higher education, with Todd adding to OK!, "Savannah truly believes in the empowerment of women, and she believes the best way in doing that is by having an education." Meanwhile, Savannah once said of her experience pursuing higher education to People, "I mean, honestly for me, being on my own is awesome."

Savannah Chrisley has pursued an undergraduate degree

Savannah Chrisley has attended two different universities, according to Life & Style magazine. Although she began her college experience attending Lipscomb University in Nashville, Tennessee — as mentioned by Hola! at the time — she later decided to transfer schools. Chrisley first announced her decision via Facebook, where she revealed that she had been accepted to Belmont University (also in Nashville) to study Music Business.

Per Life & Style, Chrisley graduated from Belmont University. However, a post from Chrisley on her Instagram story shared by TV Shows Ace has her responding to a fan's question by saying, "I was actually attending Belmont University for Music Business! May go back! Who knows! Would have loved to have been in artist development/management etc." Based on this, it appears that Chrisley did not earn her degree from Belmont as — at least as of March 2022.

Savannah Chrisley also has a real estate license

Although it looks like she may have more credits remaining to earn a bachelor's degree, Savannah Chrisley has a real estate license, as reported by Bravo TV. Chrisley posted a celebratory photo to Instagram in December 2020, sharing with her followers, "Guess who just passed their real estate exam? Can't wait to show y'all what we're working on and even more excited to help people find their dream homes."

Savannah now operates the real estate firm Chrisley and Co. in Nashville, Tennessee. Per its website, Savannah is the owner of Chrisley and Co. and a member of the Greater Nashville Realtors. Her bio mentions that she began her business by investing in luxury properties around Nashville and the surrounding area. It is unclear if Savannah would set aside this endeavor if she were to complete her undergraduate degree, but she looks to be doing well for herself in the real estate business.

Savannah excelled after college

While Savannah Chrisley's graduation date may be up for debate, her remarkable work ethic is something no one can take away from her. By most recent estimates, Chrisley is worth around $500,000 per Celebrity Net Worth. So, where does all that dough come from?

First and foremost, we can assume a big chunk of that change comes from her reality TV contracts. According to Reality Titbit, Chrisley is likely pulling in around $250,000 annually for her TV appearances. The reality star has much more going on than just TV. In addition to her entertainment contracts and her stint as a realtor, Chrisley has also dabbled in the business world.

Chrisley released a clothing line, Faith Over Fear, in 2017. She followed that up with a second collaboration with Rampage clothing, per Life & Style. Finally, Chrisley dropped a successful makeup brand, aptly named Sassy, in 2020, and it's still going strong today. Take all that and add in her podcast, "Unlocked with Savannah Chrisley," and the reality star is sitting pretty atop multiple streams of income.

Savannah's future is in question

Savannah Chrisley has spent her adult life grinding and capitalizing on her family's fame, but thanks to her parents' legal problems, that could all come crashing down. In 2019, Todd and Julie Chrisley found themselves under investigation for tax evasion and bank fraud. Three years later, they were convicted, and in November 2022, they were sentenced to 12 and seven years in prison, respectively, per Los Angeles Times.

In response to the legal melee, USA opted to cancel "Chrisley Knows Best" midway through filming its tenth season, per Page Six. For good measure, they also opted to pull the plug on "Growing up Chrisley." That's bad news for everyone, including Savannah, who heavily relied on the show as part of her income.

While Savannah is undoubtedly worried about her financial future, she's focused more on being there for her family as their dynamic shifts. "My whole life could change. And I don't mean money," she said during a Season 10 episode, per Us Weekly. "The two people that I've always had there for me and that's been my support system and who I've leaned on because I'm there for everyone else: my siblings, my friends, whoever it may be. But I always know I can be there for them because y'all have been there for me or you are there for me."