Olivia Culpo Clears Up Tim Tebow Dating Assumptions

There's a shocking new twist to the Tim Tebow and Olivia Culpo break-up that dominated headlines in 2015. According to a new podcast, the duo might not have dated after all. In October 2015, E! News reported exclusively that the Miss Universe beauty queen and the star football player had started dating. According to their source, the pair was attempting to "keep out of the public eye" as much as possible, but were "having a great time."

Less than two months later, however, the rumored relationship was declared over. The New York Daily News tabloid reported that Culpo wasn't on board with Tebow's preference to save sex for marriage. "She just couldn't handle it," their source shared. "He's pretty adamant about it, I guess." The news was later repeated by more reputable and mainstream outlets, such as Us Weekly. Now, though, Culpo is finally speaking out about her supposed fling with Tebow ... and she's claiming that everyone got the story wrong.

Olivia Culpo says she never dated Tim Tebow

Olivia Culpo recently appeared on the "Not Skinny But Not Fat" podcast to discuss her new TLC show. Fortunately for fans, host Amanda Hirsch was not game to sit by and have a completely gossip-free talk session. During the conversation, Hirsch brought up Culpo's dating history and even called out her alleged past with Tim Tebow.

"This is actually wonderful you're bringing this up," Culpo said with a laugh. She stated, "I never dated Tim Tebow." After the shocking revelation, Hirsch called for Google to be updated, and pressed the model for more details. "There was this crazy press story about me having dated him," Culpo continued. "And then breaking up with him because I was trying to ... jeopardize his celibacy or something."

The Rhode Island native had little insight into how the rumor had gotten its start, simply calling it "bizarre." She acknowledged that she attended the same church as Tebow but "that's it." Still, Culpo's love of professional athletes doesn't seem to be disputed. She has been —happily and truthfully — linked to running back Christian McCaffrey since 2019, shouting out their three-year anniversary on Instagram in June 2022.