Brooke Shields Makes Bold Accusation About Past Barbara Walters Interview

Brooke Shields is speaking out about the time Barbara Walters made her uncomfortable in an interview. Shields sat down with Drew Barrymore and Ross Matthews on "The Drew Barrymore Show" and discussed how she felt Walters was being intrusive at the time.

In 1980, Shields famously starred in a Calvin Klein campaign as a teenager (via IMDb). The model/actor was undeniably beautiful, and the ad quickly put her on the map. Although she was known for her looks, Shields felt that when it came to the media, certain lines had been crossed. Now, as a 57-year-old, she has reflected on the time Walters had her feeling a sense of discomfort during an interview in 1981, per Page Six.

According to the outlet, Shields did a sit-down interview with the journalist where Walters asked "The Blue Lagoon" actor to stand up and compare measurements with her. Shields felt she was being "taken advantage of" by Walters seeing as her career was just taking off and she was still new to interviews. The New York native told Barrymore her exact thoughts when Walters asked her to compare measurements. The supermodel said, "And I stand up, and she was like comparing herself to this little girl. And I thought, 'This isn't right. I don't understand what this is.'" 

With so much attention surrounding her Calvin Klein campaign, the actor felt that Walters just wanted a "negative soundbite" from her. She went on to further detail how difficult the whole interaction was for her at such a young age.

Brooke Shields is standing up for herself

It's difficult enough to go through your teenage years, but to go through them in the spotlight is even more terrifying. At the time of the 1981 interview with Barbara Walters, Brooke Shields was only 15 years old, per Page Six.

After the journalist made Shields compare measurements with her, "The Blue Lagoon" actor recalled feeling a sense of discomfort. But, being young and new to the industry, she was unfamiliar with what to do in that situation. According to Page Six, Shields said, "But I behaved and smiled and felt like so taken advantage of in so many ways." The New York Post outlined how the actor even called the interview "practically criminal" and "not journalism."

Page Six reports that Barrymore also shared her own experiences with Walters and how the journalist pried for information about her past drug use. Still, Barrymore held no resentment toward Walters and shared some kind words, which Shields nodded in agreement. Despite the intrusive interview, Shields reflected on how it taught her an important lesson. The model said, "But then you learn to say no." In 2022, the supermodel even starred in one of Kim Kardashian's SKIMS campaigns (per Hello!). Shields said, "I don't give a s*** the same way I did when I was a kid. I think I look sexier. I feel more myself. I feel like I'm living my life, according to my terms."