Inside The Mysterious Death Of Shanquella Robinson

The mysterious death of 25-year-old Shanquella Robinson has set social media into a frenzy. According to NBC News, Robinson traveled to Cabo San Lucas with a group of friends, but ended up dead just one day into the trip, October 29. Robinson's friends then returned to United States without her body, and told her parents that she'd died from alcohol poisoning, although her parents weren't entirely sold about their account. Soon, a disturbing video of Robinson being attacked (allegedly by Daejhanae Jackson while various people stood and watched) spread on Twitter and Facebook, riling up followers of the story. 

Recently, Robinson's father stated that he believes her friends set her up, due to her non-confrontational nature, per TMZ. At this time, none of Robinson's friends have been formally charged with any crime, so all theories pure speculation. However, In the court of public opinion, Robinson's friends definitely haven't been cast in any favorable light. Over the last month, the hashtag #JusticeforShanquellaRobinson has exploded in tweets, many of which are calling for answers about Robinsons' untimely death. 

Now that Robinson's suspicious death has caught the attention of those on social media (including Kyrie Irving, who donated $65,000 to her family's Go Fund Me, per Black Enterprise), her case is finally receiving its attention from the appropriate governments as well.

The FBI and Mexican authorities are officially investigating Shanquella Robinson's death

Shanquella Robinson did not die from alcohol poisoning. According to Robinson's death certificate, she actually died from a spinal cord injury and atlas subluxation complex, per WSOC TV.  Robinson's death investigation is now in the hands of both the FBI and the Mexican government, per ABC News. Additionally, Mexico's investigation is treating Robinson's death as a femicide, or "the gender-based murder of a woman or girl by a man," according to ABC.

Followers of the case have taken to Twitter to express their elation at steps toward justice for Robinson. "That Mexican authorities have now deemed Shanquella 'Quella' Robinson's death as a gender-based hate crime (homicide) and the FBI is also investigating makes me proud of everyone who stands up for those who can't. This is why we need Twitter," tweeted one user. "Also. Thanks to social media, the case of Shanquella Robinson has been escalated to FBI investigation," tweeted another.

Shanquella Robinson's funeral took place on November 19. According to Yahoo, hundreds of supporters flocked to North Carolina to pay their final respects to Robinson.