Every Michigan State Player Who Was Charged After The Tunnel Brawl

Football fans watched in horror in October as videos showing Michigan State athletes attacking footballers from Tom Brady's alma mater, the University of Michigan, made the rounds on social media. Now, several Michigan State players are finally being taken to task.

As a refresher, the University of Michigan Wolverines played the Michigan State University Spartans on October 29. Things didn't pan out for the latter, with ESPN reporting that the Wolverines took a 29-7 victory. What should have been a battle confined to the field quickly escalated once the game wrapped. According to AP, social media was flooded with videos of Spartans players physically assaulting Wolverines player Ja'Den McBurrows soon after the conclusion of the match. Wolverines coach, Jim Harbaugh, said that a second player was also attacked, and one of the two may have sustained a broken nose as a result of the brawl. Understandably, Harbaugh wanted to see action taken against the offending Spartans. "It needs to be investigated," he said. He wasn't alone, and comments under one of the videos posted by MLive suggest that many viewers wanted answers — and harsh disciplinary measures for the players involved. Many called for the suspension of the players, with one Twitter user writing, "The young men who did this should be held accountable. Michigan needs to look ahead."

Given the latest developments, scholarships may be the least of these students' worries.

Seven Michigan State players have been charged

It's worth noting that officials at Magic Johnson's alma mater, Michigan State, swiftly took action against several players believed to be involved in the brawl. Spartans coach Mel Tucker took to Instagram to share a statement, writing, "We are suspending Tank Brown, Khary Crump, Angelo Grose, and Zion Young effective immediately." As ESPN reporter, the following day, four additional players – Jacoby Windmon, Brandon Wright, Justin White, and Malcolm Jones — were also placed under suspension. Now, it appears that was only the beginning of their woes. 

On November 23, sports journalist Austin Meek shared a statement from the Washtenaw County Prosecutor, confirming that legal action was to be taken against the offending Michigan State Spartans. "Six players charged with misdemeanors. Khary Crump charged with felonious assault," wrote Meek on Twitter. According to the document, Brown, Grose, White, Wright, and Young were all accused of "aggravated assault," while Windmon and Crump are facing charges of "assault and battery" and "felonious assault," respectively. The reason Windmon and Crump are facing additional charges is likely based on a video shared on Twitter. Per the caption accompanying the clip, Windmon holds back Wolverine player Germon Green while Crump attacks him with a helmet. Yikes.

This is one situation we'll definitely be keeping our eyes on.