Tessa Hayley Hellberg

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Johannesburg, South Africa
University Of The Witwatersrand
Reality TV, Celebrity, Lifestyle
  • Tessa is a lifelong pop culture enthusiast — so much so that she tailored her Honors and Masters Degrees to turn that passion into a career opportunity.
  • She's interviewed countless reality stars and content creators for TheThings.
  • Thanks to her background as a content writer for a B2B podcasting agency, she loves learning more about celebrities' business endeavors.


A pop culture devotee for as long as she can remember, Tessa first began writing about celebrity news in primary school, finding ways to turn English oral assessments into talk show-style inserts and formal writing tasks into an opportunity to write red carpet reports. She's since gone on to do the same with her tertiary education, and today, she holds one undergraduate and two postgraduate degrees in Media Studies, using the space to further hone in on her love of all things pop.


Tessa holds a Master of Arts in Media Studies from the University of the Witwatersrand, with her dissertation focused specifically on luxury consumption and aspects of glocalization in 'The Real Housewives of Johannesburg.' Prior to obtaining her Masters, she completed her BA(Hons) degree in Media Studies, where she achieved a distinction for her dissertation on the now-defunct KKW app.
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