Carrie Underwood's Gender Reveal For A Fan Went Terribly Wrong

Carrie Underwood has always loved getting closer to her fans during her concerts. The super talented "American Idol" alumni has always made a point during her shows of making special moments with those that love her the most, like when she invited some of her female fans on stage with her during her "Reflection" Las Vegas residency to perform her 2007 hit, "All-American Girl." One of the lucky ones who got picked? A woman on her Bachelorette party! That came after Underwood actually ran a competition to have fans join her on stage during her previous tour, the "Cry Pretty 360 Tour," as she urged her fans to show off their rapping skills to perform Ludacris' part on her hit "The Champion." The song, you may remember, was used for NBC's coverage of the 2018 Winter Olympics and was also used to promote Super Bowl LII.

But all that interaction with fans kind of backfired during her "Denim And Rhinestones Tour" in 2022, as she found herself wrapped up in quite the mess of a gender reveal.

Carrie Underwood's gender shout out wasn't exactly accurate

Whoopsie! Maybe next time Carrie Underwood should think before she announces a baby's sex? Only, to be fair, this one wasn't actually her fault. Allow us to explain. This mishap went down during Underwood's Salt Lake City tour stop on November 17, when a pregnant fan, Sydni Ledbetter, snuck a sign into the concert and gave the country superstar an envelope confirming her unborn child's sex, per WFXR. Ledbetter wanted Underwood to announce the sex to her on stage so she could record it, and Underwood obliged! "Congratulations, you're having a girl!" Underwood said as the crowd roared. Only, she wasn't. Ledbetter got a call from a nurse the following day who told her she'd accidentally read the wrong paperwork before and their baby is actually a boy. A "Cowboy Casanova," not a "Good Girl," if you will.

Underwood posted a TikTok from ABC4 anchor and reporter Courtney Johns explaining the whole situation on Instagram. "Oh noooo!!! Silver lining: boys are awesome!" she wrote in the caption. "Congratulations to the family. I'm glad I got to play a small role in the happy news...even if we took the hard way to get there!"

Underwood is mom to two boys, Isaiah and Jacob. When asked in 2019 by "Today" if she might try for a third, she responded, "It's such a difficult road to get where we are now... I've been a lot of kind of 'live in the moment' lately."