How Ben Affleck Defied Tradition With Jennifer Lopez's Engraved Engagement Ring - Exclusive

We know that Jennifer Lopez is a traditionalist when it comes to romance — it's why she took Ben Affleck's last name when they married, per an interview with Vogue. But when it came to her engagement ring, Jenny from the block's new husband seems to have switched things up just a tad. And fair enough. Lopez has been given not one, not two, but six engagement rings over her life, per Town & Country, including two from Affleck himself. 

The ring Lopez currently wears is a stunning green diamond, as Lopez calls green her lucky color, and perhaps, in reference to the equally eye-popping pink diamond engagement ring Affleck gave her the first time around. "Just like the pink diamond engagement ring JLo received from Ben previously, this ring is worth millions," diamond expert Zack Stone, managing director for Steven Stone, wrote for Crisscut Magazine. "The center stone is an estimated 9 to 10 carats, with an elongated cushion cut. It also looks to feature two tapered baguettes, making it a three-stone ring."

But while the diamond may be worth millions, the unusual engraving's value is mostly sentimental.

It's unusual to engrave an engagement ring

Jennifer Lopez's engagement ring is engraved with the words, "not.going.anywhere.," she revealed to Apple Music's Zane Lowe. "That's how he would sign his emails when we started talking again. Like 'Don't worry, I'm not going anywhere," she said. Zack Stone, managing director of Steven Stone, exclusively told Nicki Swift that while they often get requests for engravings on wedding bands, it's less common for an engagement. "It's unusual for people to add an engraving to their engagement ring — it's usually something that's added to wedding rings," Stone said. "People tend to engrave a date, their partner's name, or a phrase that is unique to the couple, such as the one that Ben Affleck has chosen for JLo's engagement ring."

Unlike the ring itself, which Stone has estimated can be valued at over $2.7 million, making it, "no doubt the most expensive engagement ring we've seen in a long time," the engraved phrase is not exactly a fortune (per Crisscut Magazine). "Adding an engraving to a ring isn't overly expensive. At Steven Stone, we currently charge £100 for 150 characters or less," Stone told Nicki Swift. "Getting an engraving on your engagement or wedding ring doesn't add to or take away from the value."

Except for sentimental value, of course.