The Truth About Jennifer Lopez's New Name

After spending almost two decades apart, Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck have wasted no time the second time around. The two rekindled their romance back in spring 2021 and hit every red carpet possible while proving to the world that yes, their love is the real deal. One tipster told Us Weekly in July 2021 that the duo had "not a single doubt in their mind[s] that this is [not] going to work" and that marriage was certainly on their mind. 

Back in April, Lopez revealed the surprising way that Affleck proposed to her. And now Page Six says that Affleck and Lopez are officially husband and wife, as they got married in Las Vegas on July 16. Apparently, their wedding wasn't the same over-the-top one that they had planned during their first attempt to get hitched in 2004. One source told People, "It was super, super small. They just wanted to be married so they got married."

If that weren't enough, Lopez is also proving just how much Affleck means to her by changing her name. Apparently, this was all part of her plan back in 2004, as well.

Presenting Mrs. Jennifer Lynn Affleck

According to the Daily Mail, Jennifer Lopez has officially changed her name to "Mrs. Jennifer Lynn Affleck" now that she's married to the actor. Interestingly enough, Lopez had plans to change her name back in 2004 when she was first engaged to Ben Affleck. In an old Access Hollywood interview that's now making the rounds on the internet, Lopez was asked about her wedding plans and her possible name change. When asked about what her name will be after her wedding to Affleck, she said, "Jennifer Lopez, but my name will be Jennifer Affleck, obviously." What's more, Lopez also added that her stationery will say "Jennifer Affleck," though she was not sold on making it her public name because "J.Aff... doesn't quite the same ring to it, but..."

Well, it looks like Lopez won't be the first J.Aff in the world, as Affleck's ex-wife Jennifer Garner also changed her name to Jennifer Affleck so she could match her daughter Violet's name, according to People back in 2005. With all the J.Affs in the world, at least Lopez can breathe easy knowing that there will always be just one J.Lo, right?