Kanye West Doubles Down On Troubling Views During Chaotic New Interview

Kanye "Ye" West is known for making some of the most controversial and outlandish statements, including his latest antisemitic remarks. As many may recall in October 2022, the rapper made concerning comments about the Jewish community. West had tweeted that he was "going death con 3 ON JEWISH PEOPLE," per The New York Times. The rapper is clearly not shy about sharing his beliefs, no matter the cost.

According to The New York Post, when Chris Cuomo interviewed West following the tweet, the "Flashing Lights" musician only defended his sentiments. "Every celebrity has Jewish people in their contract — this is not hate speech, this is the truth," he said. Attempting to rationalize his comments even further, the rapper ranted about how his statements are "coming from a place of love." In a bizarre way to relate to his previous controversial statement, the rapper even claimed he himself was Jewish, "so I actually can't be an anti-Semite." As much as West may have wanted people to see his point of view, that didn't happen

West's antisemitic comments caused a series of repercussions for the rapper. Brands including Balenciaga, GAP, and Adidas, who previously worked with West, all decided to cut ties with him. One would think that West would have learned how his words affect people by now, but the rapper made another shocking statement with no remorse.

Kanye Ye West praised Hitler in a new interview

When Kanye West went on Alex Jones' radio show "Infowars” in November 2022, the rapper unleashed even more antisemitic hatred, per TMZ. Jones began the show by attempting to defend West's comments regarding the Jewish community. The alt-right figure believed the rapper didn't deserve to be called a "Nazi" or "Adolf Hitler" by those upset with West's statements, per ABC 7

It turns out, however, instead of being offended by what people were saying, West took those titles as more of a compliment. The rapper said, "Well, I see good things about Hitler." West continued on a baseless rant about how Hitler "invented highways" and "the very microphone" the musician uses on stage. Throughout the interview, West continued to praise the dictator. "Every human being has something of value that they brought to the table, especially Hitler," the rapper said. At one point, West went as far as to say he liked Hitler and thinks he was a "cool guy." West later shared a tweet standing by his comments on the radio show, saying, "I love the First Amendment! Long live Ye! I pray to Jesus that Elon is for real..." 

West's erratic behavior is not something new, and people continue to be concerned about the repercussions that can come from what he says. But, time and time again, he has shown he is not backing down from sharing his opinions.