Here's Why Jillian Michaels And Andy Cohen Have Beef

Stars... they really are just like us.

One might assume that "Watch What Happens Live" host and Housewife wrangler Andy Cohen and controversial personal trainer and businesswoman Jillian Michaels would hit it off upon meeting one another... but we all know what they say about assuming. "We've not been friendly for years," Michaels revealed to Us Weekly in January 2019. "I did his show once and it was a really awful experience," she added. "I thought when we met that we were gonna be, like, gay homies," she lamented about her less than cordial relationship with the "Most Talkative" author. Alas, it appears the feeling is mutual, as far as Cohen is concerned. But what really went down between the dueling media personalities? And why do they have beef? Well, sit back, kick up your feet, and in the now famous words of "Real Housewives of New Jersey" alum Danielle Staub, "pay attention, puh-lease!"

Jillian Michael and Andy Cohen became sworn enemies on 'Watch What Happens Live'

The story goes that famous fitness guru Jillian Michaels appeared on a 2013 episode of Andy Cohen's "Watch What Happens Live," and the pair butted heads almost instantly. 

"So he was explaining [the shotski] to me, and I was a little bit out of it, and I nodded like, 'Yeah, I got it. So you drink the shot or whatever,'" she explained to Us Weekly. "He turns around again over his shoulder and looks at me and goes, 'Do ... you ... understand?'" As one can imagine, that didn't go over well with the "The Biggest Loser" star. "And this was before the show started. And it's live! So you can't leave," she recalled. "At the end of it, I was like, 'I gotta tell you, that was a truly hideous experience. Like in all the years I've been doing this, nothing like this has ever happened."

Meanwhile, Cohen had a very different take on the awkward encounter. "She freaked out after the show and she was so mean to my staff," Cohen told his assistant Daryn Carp during an "Ask Andy" segment for the late-night talk show. "She was yelling at them like they were on 'The Biggest Loser,' and we watched the episode like it was the freakin Zapruder film, like trying to figure out what set her off or what she was unhappy with," he divulged. "We never figured it out, but I never want to see her again," he declared.

Jillian Michaels bashed The Real Housewives

Sadly, Jillian Michaels' and Andy Cohen's less-than-stellar encounter on "Watch What Happens Live" proved only to be the tip of the iceberg for the famous foes.

In 2018, the feud was reignited when Jillian Michaels took aim at Andy Cohen's bread and butter, "The Real Housewives." During an interview with Life & Style, Michaels told the publication that she hated "that s***" and never watched it. "I hate watching women tear each other apart. Anybody who watches it, shame on you," she added. "It's like [the franchise] was created by someone that hates women! I mean, the guy hates them. He's an a–hole." YIKES.

As one can imagine, however, Cohen wasn't willing to let Michaels have the last word. "I think [Michaels] probably never watched it. I think she's probably seen a clip of Teresa flipping a table," he told The Hollywood Reporter. "By the way, this is the woman who screamed at people for a living on 'The Biggest Loser.' She should stay in her own lane," he quipped.

Andy Cohen named Jillian Michaels his 'Jackhole of the Day'

Got beef... over a diet high in fat and protein and low in carbs?

By 2019, the public may have thought that the squabble between Jillian Michaels and Andy Cohen was over — but think again! At the top of the new year, Michaels made headlines when she criticized the Keto diet as "a bad plan" during an interview with Women's Health. And that's when Cohen seized the opportunity to throw a little shade and fan the flames on the pair's long-standing feud. "Don't feel bad, keto diet, a lot of people think Jillian Michaels is a bad idea," he announced during his "Jackhole of the Day" segment on "Watch What Happens Live" per Us Weekly. Shots fired. We repeat, shots fired. 

In true form, once Michaels got wind of the on-air comment, she quickly fired back. "How about a civil intelligent debate on The 6 Keys book and keto instead of personal attacks and name calling?" she penned in part in a tweet addressed to Cohen. Something tells us these two won't be hashing it out over a cup of tea or a "Watch What Happens Live" shotski anytime soon...