Who Is Nathan Morley From Below Deck Adventure?

"Below Deck Adventure" represents another spinoff of Bravo's hit "Below Deck" franchise, and fans have been digging the nautical-themed show. Filmed along the Norwegian fjords, the beautiful mountainous backdrop provides much eye candy to viewers. The all-new cast is also giving great television with their outgoing personalities, which have already caused some friction.

According to Distractify, Captain Kerry Titheradge leads the pack, with Chef Jessica Condy in the galley. Faye Clarke runs the interior as Chief Stew, with Kasie Faddah and Oriana Schneps as stews. The Season 1 premiere showed drama already starting between Faddah and Schneps when the two butted heads, per Bravo. Schneps was also vying for the second stew role, despite Clark waiting to see who was more competent.

The exterior team also had their fair share of drama early on. Deckhand Kyle Dickard rubbed his crew the wrong way with his abrasive personality. However, it wasn't until he physically threatened Nathan Morley that Titheradge was forced to let him go (via Us Weekly). Although Bosun Lewis Lupton was upset that Morley didn't come directly to him, "Below Deck" fans were glad that the deckhand spoke up and got rid of Dickard, who had already become unpopular with viewers. Morley's boss move naturally made viewers curious about him and here is everything to know about the deckhand.

Nathan Morley started working on the water at a young age

As per his Bravo bio, Nathan Morley got his first job on a boat when he was 18 years old. The deckhand started his career in 2017, which puts his age around 22 years old as of this writing. Besides his love of water, Morley's passions include snowboarding, yoga, hiking, and axe throwing. In the "Below Deck Adventure" trailer, Morley shares that he's from the Caribbean and didn't look too happy to be in the colder Norwegian weather. However, he is the first to hype up the charter guests with an impressive backflip into the water. Later in the season, he takes a tumble down the stairs and is seen clutching his leg. As of this writing, it remains to be seen how extensive his injuries are and if he'll be able to finish out the season.

Along with performing stunts for the guests' amusement, Morley was somehow convinced to dress up like a Chippendales dancer for a group of women. Although he has described himself as shy, he had no trouble showing off his abs as he handed the guests a round of shots, proving he would do anything to take one for his team. It seems that his affable nature impressed one "Below Deck Adventure" castmate and the two developed a real friendship off the show.

Nathan Morley and Kasie Faddah have become close

Nathan Morley and stew Kasie Faddah have apparently become good friends since starring in "Below Deck Adventure" together. Since it's still early on in the season, it's unclear how their friendship developed. However, according to Morley's Instagram, the two shared their own adventure together at an iFLY in Los Angeles in August. The following month, Morley and Faddah shared a video of the two dancing to the theme song of "Sex and the City." Although the two looked adorable together, Faddah made it clear they were just friends. "No se* but lots of fun in the city! Tag your friend who you always do silly sh*t with!" the stew wrote. "Omg you too look adorable," Faye Clark replied. Captain Kerry Titheradge wrote, "Love it!!!" A few days later, Morley and Faddah shared a failed reel they tried to make together. "CAUTION social media experts at play," Faddah captioned with a face palm emoji.

While Morley and Faddah are just friends who goof around together, it seems the deckhand has found himself a new love. On November 21, he posted an Instagram reel of himself and a woman named Alina Kempf having a blast in Mexico. "my beautiful baby girl," he wrote. It looks like Morley is living his best life, and "Below Deck Adventure" fans love watching him thrive on and off the show.