What's Really Going On With Micah Morris And Good Good Golf?

Scandal in the Golf [YouTuber] world! For the past few months, Good Good Golf fans have been wondering if Micah Morris will continue to be a part of the brand, and now, we finally have our answer. 

To recap, back in August, a fan took to the GoodGoodMemes Reddit forum to ask if anyone else felt like Morris' presence on the YouTube channel was waning — and with a 41% upvote, a conversation on the matter began. Some didn't agree at all with the original poster's sentiments that he, "might be going a different direction soon." Others had noticed his absence, but didn't want to read too much into it. As one Reddit user pointed out, "Micah absolutely not leaving GoodGood anytime soon. The dude is just busy working with PGA and building his own brand." However, a number of fans agreed with the original poster. Their argument? Micah had begun making videos of his own, via his self-titled channel ... and given how similar the content was to that over on Good Good Golf, anyone thinking there was a hope for things to go back to how they were, were simply, "gullible fans." 

Finally, after months of speculation, both parties have come out with statements on the matter, by way of — what else? — YouTube videos. That said, even though Good Good Golf addressed the situation as a group, and Morris' video promised a "full explanation," lingering questions as to what actually happened remain...

Both parties are staying mum for legal reasons

First thing's first: Micah Morris isn't the only Good Good Golf member making an exit. In fact, as Garret Clark revealed right at the beginning of their YouTube video on the matter, Grant Horvat had also left. However, further than confirming their departures, none of the parties has gone into too much detail as to what happened. One thing they have all mentioned, though, is that they're committed to staying tight-lipped. 

In his video, Morris shared that he and his former colleagues had simply "grown apart." Morris also revealed that he would be channeling more of his energy into his own golfing career. Granted, he made a point of clarifying that that wasn't the only reason for his exit. However, he opted to nix sharing too many more details. "Obviously, it's a little more complex than this four-minute video, but this is about all that you guys need to know," he explained. As for Good Good Golf, they also acknowledged that they couldn't divulge too much. "Due to legal reasons, there have been things that we can and can't say," said Clark. Tom Broeders (aka Bubbie Golf) echoed that, telling fans, "We've wanted to be transparent [but] we obviously do have legal counsel that has said 'Be quiet' ... and we do have to listen to that." 

Could that mean the golfers have a dark secret between them? Possibly. However, no one has spoken publicly about major drama.

No one is badmouthing anyone

Let's face it: two members leaving Good Good Golf at the same time looks a little suspicious and certainly suggests there was some drama involved. But, at least publicly, everyone is staying pretty amicable. 

Micah Morris may have left Good Good Golf, but when it comes to his time on the channel overall, he has no regrets. Speaking of the brand in his YouTube video, he shared, "Being a part of it was ... very special, and ... it'll always be a huge part of ... this part of my life." He also made sure to note, "I'm rooting for the guys, I'm rooting ... for the Good Good brand, and I believe they're going to continue to be very successful in the space." Likewise, in the Good Good Golf video, Garrett Clark laughed at just how intense some of the theories popping up on Reddit were before clarifying, "Everyone wants to make beef out of a situation, you know, but at the end of the day, Micah and Grant are leaving to do their own thing." 

There's no denying this is a sad time for fans of the OG Good Good Golf crew, but here's hoping the amicable parting will soften the blow. On the plus side, now there are more golf-centered YouTube channels to turn to. And if that still doesn't feel like enough, there's always golf pro-turned-content creator, Paige Spiranac